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Education Abroad Scholarship Information

There are numerous scholarships available to students applying to go abroad. Some scholarships are specific to certain locations or certain students, but most students will be eligible for at least 1-2 scholarships, if not more! If you have additional questions that are not addressed below, please contact Education Abroad (click on the "About Us" link to the left for hours and contacts).

Frequently Asked Questions about Scholarships

The amount of education abroad scholarships varies greatly, with some scholarships worth a few thousand dollars and others that are rather small (the latter is more common). Regardless of the potential amounts of any scholarships for which you apply, it is unrealistic to assume that you will receive enough scholarship money to cover a large portion of your program costs. Apply to ALL scholarships for which you are eligible and hope for the best outcome! At the same time, have a back-up funding source (i.e. loans, family resources, savings) in case you do not receive any scholarships or do not receive as much as you hoped for.

Please also refer to the Going Abroad Within Your Budget page and the Financial Aid page for information about other sources of funding and strategies to make going abroad affordable for you. An education abroad advisor can also provide guidance and advice.

  1. Browse through general education abroad scholarships (listed below) that apply to multiple programs and students.

  2. Find scholarships that are specific to certain programs, countries or fields of study. These scholarships are listed on the web pages for each program: click on "Programs" at the top of the screen and searching for the program you're interested in or browse program options for certain locations. Scroll down each program's web page to view a list of possible additional scholarships.

Consider fundraising through Facebook, other social media platforms, and/or crowdfunding platforms.

Scholarships by Category

Note: Most CU Boulder campus scholarships will also apply to a term on a CU Boulder approved education abroad program. For a list of possibilities, please visit:

For scholarships specific to education abroad, see the list below:

  • Buffs Abroad Scholarships: For any student applying to a CU Boulder program.
  • Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships: Broad eligibility, but deadline once per year in November for the following academic year (so spring students must apply over a year in advance!)
  • Gilman Scholarship: For students currently receiving Pell grants as part of their federal financial aid.
  • Go! Overseas Study Abroad Scholarships: Very broad eligibility - most students will be eligible.
  • Global Opportunity (GO) Scholarship: Students with unmet financial need. Must apply in your first year at CU; scholarship funds must be used before graduation. Deadline is December 1st.
  • IIE Adell & Hancock Scholarships: The Adell & Hancock Fund is to provide supplemental support to a U.S. student who is currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program for study abroad for summer or fall (spring programs not eligible). The award may vary but can be up to $4000 per awardee. Students should demonstrate proficiency with the language of their chosen country. The student must be a U.S. Citizen, have a minimum 3.5 GPA and be participating in a study abroad program that is 30 days or longer. A link to the application will be sent out to qualifying students by the CU Education Abroad office.
  • SR Education Group Study Abroad Scholarship: Broad eligibility, but only awarded once per year in spring.
  • Scott’s Cheap Flights Study Abroad Scholarship: $1000 award - see website for details and deadlines
  • Travel Writing Contests
  • Asher & Lyric Study Abroad Scholarship: This scholarship program aims to support current students wishing to experience new cultures and to broaden their perspectives. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. 
  • Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Grants: For undergraduate research or creative work projects. Projects must involve additional coursework or research on top of what is already required on an education abroad program and students must spend additional time abroad to complete the additional project. Students should first contact UROP to ensure that their project meets these guidelines before applying.  The deadline is early - plan ahead!
  • van Veenendaal Family Scholarship: Preference will be given to students demonstrating financial need and diverse students enrolled at CU Boulder who are studying on an approved CU Boulder education abroad program. Diverse students include those students from geographic areas and socioeconomic backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in education abroad, first generation college students and students who have faced unusual adversity. To apply, complete a Buffs Abroad Scholarship application and indicate how you are qualified for this award. Awards are $5,000 per student and typically given once a year for use on a fall or spring program. Deadline: February 15th of each year.
  • Anthropology majors with junior standing by the start of their education abroad program: Eaton Travel Sabbatical Scholarship
  • Biochemistry or Chemical Engineering majors: IIE Whitaker Int’l Scholarship Program for those planning for a career in Biomedical fields
  • The Asia Institute International Business Scholarships. Award amounts are smaller and the deadline occurs once per year in early spring: The Asia Institute Scholarships
  • Economics majors with junior standing by the start of their education abroad program: Eaton Travel Sabbatical Scholarship
  • Engineering majors: students going on an approved credit-bearing summer program can use the Buffs Abroad Scholarship application to be considered for the Engineers' Global Summer Scholarship. Click the link for a list of eligible programs and further information.
  • The Asia Institute International Engineering Scholarships. Award amounts are smaller and the deadline occurs once per year in early spring: The Asia Institute Scholarships
  • Sarah Philipps Memorial Scholarship for English majors who go abroad in the UK or Ireland for a semester or year. The scholarship is given twice per year and is typically $5,000-7,000. To learn more and to apply visit this page.
  • History majors with junior standing by the start of their education abroad program: Eaton Travel Sabbatical Scholarship
  • IAFS majors: Global Grants
  • Italian: National Italian American Foundation scholarships
  • Jewish Studies program (for graduate students): Goldberger Scholarship is granted annually to up to two graduate students in the Jewish Studies program with plans to go abroad or do a cultural immersion program. Summer and semester-length programs are eligible.
  • Jewish Studies program (for undergraduate students): The Jewish Studies Global Initiatives provides scholarship assistance to support students' interest in studying abroad in areas related to Jewish Studies. Those who have submitted an application for the Buffs Abroad Scholarship will be automatically considered for these awards. In your Buffs Abroad Scholarship application you should specifically mention your plans to pursue Jewish Studies while on your program and a list of sample courses you may take.
  • Music majors: CU College of Music education abroad scholarships - if you submit a Buffs Abroad scholarship application, you will automatically be considered.
  • Music: Frank Huntington Beebe Fund for Musicians
  • Music and Arts: Dante Alighieri Society Academic Scholarship and Music Scholarship are awarded to front range area students. Applications are accepted in early spring for the following year’s terms.
  • Various majors: STA Scholarships
  • Sciences, math, engineering or technology fields: The Fund for Education Abroad
  • Science, technology, math, or engineering for study in Israel: The Michael Yokell Scholarship Fund is set up to provide scholarships for STEM majors studying abroad in Israel. To apply, complete a Buffs Abroad Scholarship application.
  • The Scott Shively Memorial Scholarship for students studying/exploring issues of social justice while abroad for a semester. An award of up to $1,500 is given to a student each semester. To apply, please fill out the Buffs Abroad scholarship application by the published deadline and be sure to discuss your plans as they relate to the topic of social justice in your essay. Click here to learn more about Scott.

(See the CU Boulder program-specific webpages for additional scholarships that may be country-specific.)

  • Boren Awards for International Study (NSEP Scholarships): For students studying abroad in select parts of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Russia/Eastern Europe and the Middle East for a full-year (science/technology/engineering/math majors can also apply for a summer or semester). Recipients of Boren Scholarships must accept a Service Requirement to work for the federal government in the national security arena for at least a year after graduation. Check the eligibility requirements on the Boren website, read the CU Boulder Boren Steps and Tips for additional info and then contact Sarah Westmoreland for more information. The CU campus deadline is typically in late January each year for the following summer, fall and spring terms.
  • Freeman-ASIA Scholarship: For students with demonstrated financial need to go abroad in East or Southeast Asia. Please read the CU Boulder Steps and Tips for additional information and contact Sarah Westmoreland if you have more questions before applying.
  • West Africa Access Scholarships: Extra scholarship funding is available for students applying to CU Boulder approved programs in West Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Senegal). To apply, please fill out the Buffs Abroad Scholarships application by the published deadline.