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Lessons From Abroad Returnee Conference

You've returned from abroad and are trying to figure out what's next. Join other study abroad returnees from all over the Rocky Mountain region for a day of discussion and networking to learn how to apply your overseas experience back at home. CU Boulder will reimburse the fee for attendees! Sunday, Sep 23 at the Discovery Learning Center at CU Boulder: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm.
Global Seminar: Barcelona Literature & Culture (Barcelona, Spain) - Info Session

Attend class and live in Barcelona on this exciting Global Seminar! Earn 6 credits in 5 weeks while completing SPAN 3270 (fulfills the Human Diversity core requirement) and SPAN 3230. Participate in excursions to world-class museums and theaters, see the remarkable street culture, and more. Great for SPAN, SPPR, IAFS, & others. Learn more: September 24 at 4:30 PM in UMC 425.
Global Seminar: Urban Site Analysis & Design (Rome, Italy) - Info Session

Spend six weeks in Rome while earning 9 credits for your major! The Urban Site Analysis and Design Global Seminar gives you an inside look at design in a dynamic global city. The program includes excursions around Rome, as well as weekend excursions around Italy. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Learn more at an info session with the Director, Marianne Holbert: September 24 at 12:00 PM in ENVD 134.
Global Seminar: Cultures of Activism (Dakar, Senegal) - Info Session

Spend Maymester differently this year and travel to Dakar, Senegal for a 3 week, 3 credit course.  Explore social justice and global development in the context of Senegal's rich cultural heritage while collaborating with a Senegalese activist theater troupe. No language background required! Info session with faculty director Brian Valente-Quinn: September 25 at 4:30 PM in C4C N215.
Global Seminar: Cultural Transformations in Indonesia (Bali & Siberut, Indonesia) - Info Session

Spend your Maymester studying the incredible cultural diversity of Indonesia, a country that consists of more than 16,000 islands. Examine the politics of indigeneity in the Mentawai Islands of Sumatra and the politics of religion in Hindu-Buddhist Bali. Explore vibrant and global urban centers in a predominantly Muslim country. The Global Seminar: Cultural Transformations in Indonesia program is open to all majors and is particularly great for students in anthropology, the social sciences, humanities, and CMCI, or anyone with an interest in culture, religion, and politics in Asia.  It's also great for students with an interest in field-based research and documentary media practice. This course fulfills People & Society and Diversity & Global Culture CMCI Core, and Human Diversity A&S Core. The program is led by Dr. Christian Hammons, from the Departments of Anthropology & Critical Media Practices, who will share with the group his extensive experience living and doing research in Indo
Global Seminar: International Strategic Communication (Paris, France) - Info Session

Earn 6 credits between two back-to-back courses while spending 6 weeks in Paris next summer, and experience all that this city has to offer in terms of strategic communication and the international perspective it hinges upon.  Info session with faculty directors Jolene Fisher & Toby Hopp on October 1 at 4:30 pm in HLMS 141???????.
Global Seminar: French Culture through Fashion (Paris, France) - Info Session

Earn 3 credits next summer while living in Paris! Explore French fashion through art, film, literature, and history, and study how fashion in France has served as a means of distinction, identity, and resistance - all while spending 3 weeks in this one-of-a-kind city!  Interested? Come to the info session on October 2 at 4:30 pm in C4C N215.
Global Seminar: Film & the Italian Aesthetic (Rome, Italy) - Info Session

Students can spend three weeks in May & June studying film, art, and culture in Rome. All majors can apply and receive 3 UD credits. Course taught in English. Fulfills UD Lit. & Arts core. Program led by Film Studies professor, Suranjan Ganguly. Film screenings and lectures are combined with excursions in & around Rome. Learn more at an info session on October 3 at 7 pm in ATLAS 1B29.
Global Seminar: Dante in Florence (Florence, Italy) – Info Session

Spend Maymester with CU Boulder’s Suzanne Magnanini in Italy, exploring Florence’s historic streets. Learn about Dante, his Inferno, paintings, and frescoes inspired by the poem. The course fulfills upper-division Literature & the Arts core. You don't have to know any Italian to spend part of your summer studying in Italy! Come learn more on October 3 at 4:30 pm in C4C S350. See you there!
Global Seminar: London Business Seminar (London, England) - Info Session

Study international finance in London this summer. This seminar includes lectures from prominent financial professionals and site visits to companies such as Bloomberg Financial Services. To learn more, join us on October 3 at 5 pm in KOBL 355.
Upcoming deadlines for spring 2019
Upcoming deadlines for spring education abroad programs range from September 17th through October 1st. Don’t miss your chance to see the world while earning credit & using your financial aid! Learn more about your education abroad opportunities by completing Abroad 101, which covers key information to get you started on your education abroad journey. Abroad 101 is offered online and in person - get started today!
Global Citizen Awards: Call for Nominations
The Office of International Education (OIE) is pleased to announce the annual call for Global Citizen Award nominations. These awards are to recognize outstanding contributions to international understanding by members of the CU Boulder community.

Nominations for the following awards are due by 5 PM Oct. 10, 2018:
- Campus Global Citizen
- Muneeb Kamal International Student of the Year
- Education Abroad Student of the Year.

The award recipients will be honored during International Education Week. For more information, please visit the website: