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While we hope that you do not need to withdraw from your program, unexpected events or circumstances can occur, so it's important to review this information even if you don't think you will withdraw. Withdrawing from your program can happen before or after you arrive on-site. Before signing the Financial Contract, review the implications of what your decision to withdraw could entail as it relates to finances - you are subject to withdrawal fees and policies once you sign the Financial Contract.  

If you are considering withdrawing from your program, contact your CU Boulder Ed Abroad Program Manager. Your Program Manager can explain possible ramifications of withdrawing and can help you think through your decision. If you are already abroad, contact your program on-site staff. They are in the best position to help resolve problems that you might be experiencing (such as housing or your classes).
All withdrawals must be sent by you, the student, through your CU email to Education Abroad. The date that Education Abroad receives written notification will be considered the official withdrawal date. The email needs to state that you are withdrawing from your program as of the date of the email and should include the reason for the withdrawal. You may also need to notify your program in writing as well; review their withdrawal policy for more information. 

Financial Considerations

After signing the Financial Contract, you are subject to the withdrawal fees posted on the Withdrawal Fee Schedule and Financial Responsibility section of the Program Costs webpage (select your program, and scroll down for withdrawal information). The amount due, which represents what has been spent on your behalf to date, can be sizeable.

Exceptions to the withdrawal fees may be considered if you withdraw due to extenuating circumstances, such as medical reasons or a family emergency. In these cases, your Ed Abroad Program Manager would be available to explain this process. 
If you receive financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid to find out how withdrawing will impact your aid, both for your current and future terms. You risk losing all or a portion of your aid if you are not enrolled full time. If you have received a CU Boulder Education Abroad scholarship, you will need to repay the full amount of the scholarship for the term you have not completed.

Health Insurance Considerations

If you withdraw from your program while abroad, your Education Abroad international health insurance coverage will end once you return to your home country. Upon return to your home country, a 30 day extension of coverage is available but only applies for follow-up care related to an insurance claim filed while abroad. If you withdraw and return home but did not maintain your primary health insurance coverage, we recommend that you secure alternate health insurance immediately.  

If you withdraw from your program while abroad, you may qualify to use the trip interruption benefit in CU Education Abroad Health Insurance policy. The insurance policy and contact information can be accessed on the Health Insurance webpage.

For information regarding leaving a program early (not constituting a program withdrawal) or program dismissals, please review the relevant information found on the Health Insurance webpage.

Academic Considerations 

If you withdraw before your program begins, you will not earn credit through your program. If you withdraw after your program begins, and depending on the timing of your withdrawal, you may or may not be able to earn credit through your program. Most often you will not earn credit through your program, but in rare situations a program may be able to work with you on awarding partial or full credit, particularly if your withdrawal is near the end of the term. For programs where you are directly enrolled in a university abroad, it's likely you will not earn any credit from your experience if you depart before the official program end. Talk to the on-site staff to find out more about your options. 

If you withdraw before or shortly after the start of a CU Boulder term, you may be able to still register for CU Boulder courses for the same term. As quickly as possible, connect with your academic advisor to determine what important deadlines may impact your ability to register, for guidance on what to register for, etc. If you don’t plan to register for the term at CU Boulder and/or withdraw after add/drop deadlines have passed, consider registering for a leave of absence to continue accessing some University benefits.
Last Updated September 2021