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Switzerland -A Kierson-Galeano

There is a wide variety of information available to you, related to your health and safety abroad. Review the following resources, as relevant, to be best prepared for your education abroad program.  

International SOS Health and Safety Information

As a traveler from the University of Colorado Boulder, you have access to location-specific health and safety information provided by International SOS. To access International SOS’s resources:
  1. Go to the International SOS Website and login with the member ID 11BCAS000006.
  2. Once you log in, you will have access to country-specific reports (click the "Know My Risks" button near the top)
In addition to these country reports, you also have other options as well:
  • Call International SOS for advice about health, safety, and travel to your host country (and other anticipated countries to which you may travel). Not sure what to ask? Click here for suggestions!
  • Request a customized safety briefing for a specific itinerary (i.e. for an independent trip over a break or long weekend). This is a free service we recommend. To request a report, send an email with your itinerary to You may use this email template to do so.
  • Once you are on-site, International SOS can also help assist in scheduling doctor's appointments, arranging for mental health support, and liaising with the CU Education Abroad health insurance. Of course, your program's on-site staff are also happy to assist with these needs as well.

Further Resources 

Study Abroad Provider-Specific Resources

Below we've included links to a number of our study abroad providers' health and safety information. If your program provider is not included on this page, or if you are participating in an exchange program, you will have access to additional program-specific health and safety information in your MyCUAbroad account. You are also welcome to reach out to your Ed Abroad Program Manager or your program/host university directly for further information. 
Last Updated January 2023
Photo, Switzerland by Azariah Kierson-Galeano