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Staff : Michal Greenberg

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Michal Greenberg


Your first step is to complete Abroad 101.

We offer Global advising on a drop-in basis. You can also connect with an advisor via phone, email or live chat. Michal is available for Africa, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand advising on Thursdays from 9am-1pm.

Assistant Director, Education Abroad, Program Manager

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Michal manages programs primarily in Australia, New Zealand, and parts of Asia. She is also an Assistant Director, and Manager of Academics & Curriculum Integration. She's been working for CU Education Abroad since 2007. Before that, she could be found lurking around Durham, NC where she grew up & went to school, majoring in Biological Anthropology at Duke University. She studied abroad in Kenya through the School for Field Studies. 

Michal manages the following Education Abroad programs:

  • ISA Australia & New Zealand programs (except the ISA Sydney summer internship program)
  • Wollongong, Monash, and University of New South Wales exchanges in Australia
  • Exchanges in New Zealand
  • CIEE programs in China, India, and Australia
  • USAC programs in China
  • CAPA Sydney 
  • Global Seminar: Cultural Transformations in Indonesia (Bali & Siberut, Indonesia)
  • Global Seminar: Ecology & Evolution in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
  • Global Seminar: International Field Geology (Adelaide, Australia)
  • IES Shanghai Engineering programs
  • School for Field Studies (SFS) programs in Africa, Asia, and Oceania