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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Program Information:


  • Explore Spanish literature & culture in a bustling city
  • Earn 6 credits in 5 weeks over the summer

  • Excursions to museums and guided tours throughout Barcelona included in program fee

  • See photos from this program!

  • Attend the info session on February 8th at 4:30 PM in UMC 386!


Missed the info session? View the presentation here!



Students through Archway by Juan Herrero-Senes - Click to view more photos

Barcelona is one of the oldest European cities and the capital of Catalonia, one of the most vibrant and modern regions in Spain. It is also an international landmark for art, architecture and financial trade. As the region that pioneered the Industrial Revolution in Spain, Catalonia developed a strong national bourgeoisie and proletariat largely comprised of immigrants. The struggles between these two social classes left their mark on the city as can be seen in a number of architectural gems that express the European aspirations of the bourgeoisie--from the Modernist buildings by Gaudí (La Casa Milà, La Sagrada Família) and Domènech i Montaner (Palau de la Música) to the more recent works by Frank Ghery or Santiago Calatrava.

In the midst of these economically and ethnically marked spaces, the city offers world-class museums (most notably the Picasso Museum and the Miró and Tàpies Foundations), varied musical offerings, experimental and internationally acclaimed theater and film, as well as a remarkable street culture. All of these impressive cultural sights and offerings will be directly incorporated into the course.


You will live in homestays Barcelona.

Welcome and Farewell Dinners are also included in the program fee.


You are responsible for making your own transportation arrangements to Barcelona and back.

Transportation on program-related field trips while in Spain is provided as part of the program fee. During and/or after the program you may travel independently to other cities in Spain (Girona, Tarragona, Madrid, Seville, Granada, Bilbao, etc.) or other countries in Europe.


  • Courses: SPAN 3230 Discovering Barcelona and SPAN 3270 Barcelona: Understanding Local and Immigrant Cultures
  • Credits: 6 upper-division credit hours
  • Approved for: The courses fulfill two in-demand areas: SPAN 3270 (3 credits, fulfills the Human Diversity area of the core curriculum) and SPAN 3230 (3 credits, 3xxx level course). Both courses count toward the requirements for all three tracks of the Spanish major as upper division electives.
  • Grading: This is a CU Boulder course, so you will receive letter grades
  • SPAN 3230 Course Description
  • SPAN 3270 Course Description

The courses are based on cultural sites and events unique to Barcelona. The syllabi include readings on and about Barcelona, Spanish literature and culture.

Classes incorporate guest lectures by Spanish scholars on various topics (immigration, literature and culture, history, art, architecture, and political science). You will gain a unique perspective on the complexities, tensions, and struggles inherent in the multiple cultures that coexist in Barcelona.


Students at Fountain by Javier Krauel

The program is directed by Professor Javier Krauel and Professor Juan Herrero-Senés. Both are natives of Barcelona. Both are Assistant Professors in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and have taught previously on these topics.

Drs. Krauel & Herrero-Senés have published on the topics covered in the Global Seminar such as Catalan nationalism and the cultural legacies of the Spanish empire, two issues that are crucial to understanding the ways in which Barcelona presently negotiates Catalan, Spanish, European and immigrant cultures.

Professors Krauel & Herrero-Senés, along with staff from the CU-Boulder Study Abroad Programs office, will select program participants.


The program schedule is relatively busy but when you are not in class or doing a group visit you will have time to explore Barcelona. Many site visits and guided tours are included.


  • Gilman Scholarship: For students currently receiving Pell grants as part of their federal financial aid.




Program Reviews:
Summer 2016 Participant
I thought the courses were interesting and related very well to the place that I was in- it made me appreciate my surroundings so much more. Barcelona is a big city, and it has a lot of history, which I was very interested in. I really enjoyed all of the trips that we took with the program. They were always to beautiful places, and made the classes and readings seem that much more relevant. Something I felt was lacking was interaction with locals, because there was next to none. It felt like a very isolated program that just happened to take place in Barcelona.

Summer 2016 Participant
I felt incredibly safe living in Barcelona. The advice I have is to always be aware of yourself, your friends, and your surroundings. Keep your bags in front of you when in crowded situations (metro, train) to avoid getting pick- pocketed; that will help you always know that your belongings are safe at all times. Be weary of people on the street but don't completely dismiss anyone who tries to talk with you, just make sure you are still aware to prevent getting tricked or getting put in a different pick-pocket situation, like a team of people who are trying to distract you. Always charge your phone before you leave home, especially if it is for the night! I recommend purchasing a portable charger, this was crucial to make sure that my phone was always available in case of emergencies. Only bring the cash and cards you need on you for the day/night and keep all your extra/spare cash/cards at home. Overall just look out for yourself and the people you are with at all times and then you won't ever feel unsafe or unprepared in case of an emergency situation.

Summer 2016 Participant
The housing was a homestay, with one housemate. The situation was a pretty good fit for me, but I am quite flexible. The host mom was never really home so there was not much interaction with her, which was very unfortunate, but I enjoyed the freedom to come and go as I please as long as I communicated with her about my whereabouts. I would prefer this situation time and time again to living on my own in an apartment with other students. This provided much more structure and immersion into the culture and how daily life is.The commute was very simple. I always took the metro wherever I went and found that it was a great source of transportation. I would walk 10-12 minutes to the metro, take the metro for 5 minutes and then walk for another 10 minutes to get to CIEE. The daily commute was very simple and I loved it!

Summer 2016 Participant
The academics were perfect! All A's across the board and a perfect workload!

Summer 2017 Participant
The staff of our program, including our professors, were very helpful and always gave us advice on where to go for fun, where to eat, and even directed us to our homestays when we were lost on occasion. They always encouraged us to call them if we needed help and were always available when we needed them.

Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline App Review Begins Start Date End Date
Summer 2017 01-MAR-2017
Variable 11-JUN-2017 15-JUL-2017
NOTE: Dates on this page are for information only; final dates will be confirmed with participants after acceptance to the program. Do not purchase airfare until instructed to do so by your Program Manager. The Start Date indicates the day participants arrive at the program location; the End Date indicates the day participants depart from the program location.
Summer 2018 01-MAR-2018 ** Variable 10-JUN-2018 14-JUL-2018
NOTE: Dates on this page are for information only; final dates will be confirmed with participants after acceptance to the program. Do not purchase airfare until instructed to do so by your Program Manager. The Start Date indicates the day participants arrive at the program location; the End Date indicates the day participants depart from the program location.
Summer 2019 01-MAR-2019 ** Variable TBA TBA

** Most programs’ applications are reviewed on a rolling basis (starting August 1st for Spring programs and January 15th for Summer and Fall programs). NOTE: Some programs start the admissions process earlier and fill before the deadline, and some programs’ applications aren’t reviewed until after the deadline. Check with Education Abroad staff for details.

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