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A&S Core, Gen Ed, and MAPS

Credit for A&S Core, Gen Ed, and MAPS

Note that this information applies to A&S and Business majors, but not CMCI students (CMCI students should use the major/minor course planning process for all coursework).  When courses are evaluated for A&S Core/Gen Ed, they are considered for all areas. If a course has been approved for one or more specific areas already, it is not eligible for any other areas. For more information, read the CU Boulder Education Abroad Handbook.

If you would like to receive A&S Core, Gen Ed, and/or MAPS credit, do the following:

  1. View your degree audit to determine which A&S Core, Gen Ed, or MAPS areas you need to complete.

  2. If you would like to receive A&S core or Gen Ed credit*, search for courses on the Education Abroad course search page. Note: Semester at Sea course lists are maintained separately. As course information can change, it is important to verify that:

    1. You are looking at the correct program on the list. If you are seeking information about a summer program be sure that you are looking at the summer program and not the semester version – look for (summer) in the title.

    2. The course(s) will be offered when you are abroad as course offerings can change each term. Your program's webpage includes a link to course descriptions.

    3. The course number and course title match exactly what is listed in the approvals list.  If not, please submit the course for review or inquire with

    4. For A&S Core/MAPS: The course is at least 2.7 credits. Courses less than 2.7 credits will not fulfill A&S core or MAPS, even if the content was approved to fulfill a core/MAPS area. Note that this requirement does not apply to Gen Ed courses, but you should still inform yourself about course credit amounts to know how much progress you are making towards your Gen Ed areas.  See your program's webpage for CU credit hour conversions.

    5. Natural Science: verify the department that the course is being assigned to, keeping in mind that you may not fulfill both the Natural Science sequence and the Natural Science non-sequence requirements within the same department, unless the non-sequence is upper-division.
  3. To find pre-approved MAPS foreign language courses, check the list of Major/minor pre-reviewed courses.

*Note to students looking for Gen Ed courses on the pre-approvals list: Since Gen Ed is new, there aren't quite as many courses reviewed and some programs don't currently have any approvals.  But don't be discouraged!  Many Gen Ed areas are quite feasible to fulfill abroad (especially Humanities/Arts and Social Science) - go ahead and submit courses for review if your program has few (or zero) posted approvals.
  1. Complete the A&S Core/Gen Ed/MAPS Course Evaluation Form and follow the instructions and prompts to complete the form and provide required course documents.

    1. Only A&S and Business majors should use this form (CMCI students should use the major/minor course planning process for all coursework).

    2. Note that the current form does not specifically list the new Gen Ed areas/requirements.  Please include a note on the form that you are hoping for Gen Ed, and your courses will be reviewed for Gen Ed instead of core.

    3. For MAPS evaluations you must supply a full syllabus.

  2. Evaluations are limited to three courses per area that you would like to fulfill.

  3. When a course description/syllabus is not in English you must provide an English translation. Do not use an online translation service for this; translate it yourself, to the best of your ability.

  4. Study Abroad will email you when the results of the evaluation are received. Evaluations can take up to 6 weeks, so plan ahead!