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Course Approvals List

CU Education Abroad Course Approvals List

Course Approvals List

Courses included on the Course Approvals List below have been evaluated by the relevant academic department to determine what equivalent, if any, it may have to CU courses that could you help you complete your degree requirements. As you review this list, keep the following in mind:

  • Students aren't guaranteed to get into any specific class on their education abroad program. This could happen for a number of reasons:
    • The class isn't offered the term you will be abroad
    • It's determined that you don't meet the class's pre-requisites
    • The class is canceled or fills before you register
    • The class conflicts with another on your class schedule
    • You place into a lower-level language class than you expected due to the results of an on-site language placement exam
  • Some classes listed below could be worth less than 3 credits, in which case the class may not fulfill a posted approval
  • The course number and title must match exactly what is listed on the Course Approvals List. If not, submit the course for review
  • Some programs do not publish their course offerings until shortly before the program start date.

To account for this potential uncertainty, we recommend you take the following steps:

  • Cross-check any approved courses on this list with the classes that will be offered during your term abroad. Ensure they are worth at least 3 credits and that you are eligible to take the course. You can access course searches & credit conversions through the Academics tab of your program page.
  • When possible, have twice as many courses approved as you plan to take abroad. This will give you backup options in case courses are canceled, you have scheduling conflicts when registering, etc. Allow yourself as much flexibility with the degree requirements you're trying to fulfill abroad as possible.
  • Discuss your course plan with your academic advisor prior to departure, and communicate any changes to your course plan

Not finding what you need? Submit additional courses for review using the course evaluation forms on the Fulfilling Credit Abroad page.

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