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Develop a Faculty-Led Program

Barcelona Global Seminar Group Photo at Park Guell
Developing A Faculty-Led Program

As you begin the process of developing a faculty-led program at CU Boulder, you should first review the CU Boulder Policy on Student International Travel and Programs, and consider whether you would like to develop a Global Seminar or a Global Intensive.
  Global Seminar Global Intensive
Academics Short-term international programs taught and directed by a CU Boulder faculty member on-site, usually in the summer. Fall, Spring, or Summer course taught by a CU Boulder faculty member on-campus with short-term international component embedded into curriculum.
Student Experience Longer-term program option for students to have the opportunity to study and live abroad for multiple weeks. More opportunity for a variety of excursions and/or multiple destinations integrated into the program itinerary. Complement a semester CU Boulder on-campus course by introducing students to a new culture, visiting the country of interest, and understanding the course material through experiential learning and post-travel debriefing. Program should limit to 2-3 major destinations.
Time abroad 3-8 weeks on-site during summer break (dependent on course & credit). On-campus classroom meetings throughout semester, 10-12 days on-site during spring break, winter break, May (after commencement), or during summer course.
Program Approval Faculty Director must obtain approval from their academic department and complete a proposal for review by the Education Abroad Committee. Faculty Director must obtain approval from their academic department.
Finances Students may be able to utilize leftover financial aid from school year. Buffs Abroad and other scholarships available. Students may be able to use financial aid for the tuition component and for the international component. Buffs Abroad, Global Intensive scholarships, and other scholarships available.
Student Admissions Faculty Director and EA will work together to admit students to the program. Faculty Director works with department to manage controlled add/drop course enrollment.
Timeline See Global Seminar timeline. See Global Intensive timeline.
Existing Programs Global Seminars currently offered by CU Boulder. Global Intensives currently offered by CU Boulder.
Both Global Seminars and Global Intensives:
  • provide a small group experience that allows students and faculty to build strong connections.
  • offer an international experience for students who cannot study abroad during the academic year.
  • provide faculty with an opportunity to enhance teaching, research and service, and will augment global competence which in turn can be passed on to students.
  • are primarily promoted and marketed by the Faculty Director and department/school/college with support from CU Education Abroad.
  • are sponsored by CU Boulder and supported by CU Boulder Education Abroad professionals who work closely with faculty on the following:
    • faculty director training & support
    • logistical provider selection & vetting
    • liaising with on-site providers and faculty on itinerary development, program logistics, and on-site support 
    • budget and contract management, manage accounts payable, program expense reconciliation, and Concur reporting
    • scholarship management, financial aid support, and billing
    • student portal administration
    • health, safety, and emergency preparation
    • enrollment in Education Abroad's Travel Accident & Sickness insurance policy
    • pre-departure CU Boulder orientation
    • on-site provider health and safety orientation after arrival
    • 24/7 support abroad
    • program evaluation and review

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