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Request a Class Visit/Presentation

Italy by Alison Lynch

Request a Class Visit/Presentation

Invite Education Abroad to your event or class! 

Education Abroad's Marketing & Outreach Interns are excited to share their experiences and help others learn how to make going abroad a reality. Interns can give presentations about ed abroad opportunities or can plug into your events in whatever way you see fit. Presentations can take as little as 5 minutes or up to 30 minutes depending on your needs. They can be general, or highlight topics such as:
  • Specific majors
  • Certain locations
  • One or more languages
  • Career benefits
  • And more!

Requesting a visit is simple! 

To request a presentation for your class, residence hall, RAP, club, sorority, fraternity, or any other campus organization, please email the Education Abroad Marketing & Outreach Manager, Kayla Armstrong-Weier, at

No time for a visit or presentation?

Encouraging your students to study abroad can come in many forms - some of which take very little time:
  1. Take a few minutes at the start of class to highlight the benefit of education abroad in your specific field
  2. Display an Education Abroad PowerPoint slide as students are entering your class – we would be happy to send it to you!
  3. Mention your own international experiences to your students.
Photo, Italy by Alison Lynch
Last updated: April 2024