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Global Intensives

Global Intensives

SASC Dominican Republic group

Global Intensives are short-term international programs embedded into a fall, spring, or summer course taught on the CU Boulder campus. Global Intensives meet the following criteria:


  • international component takes place over 10-12 days during spring break, after finals in May, during the summer course, or over fall break or winter break.
  • should minimize the number of locations visited while abroad. As a general guideline, the group should stay in each location for at least two days and, on a 10 day trip, should limit the number of destinations to two or three.
  • complement a semester CU Boulder on-campus course by introducing students to a new culture, visiting the country of interest, and understanding the course material through experiential learning and post-travel debriefing.
  • provide a small group experience that allows students and faculty to build strong connections.
  • provide a way for faculty to enhance teaching, research and service, and can augment global competence which in turn can be passed on to students.
  • allow students to use financial aid to cover the international component.
  • encourage students to “get their feet wet” with an eye for participating in a longer experience abroad in the future.
  • are sponsored by CU Boulder and supported by CU Education Abroad staff who work closely with faculty to plan the program logistics including student recruitment, group flights, pre departure orientation, and on-site support.
To get a better idea of the breadth of existing offerings, look at the Global Intensives currently offered by CU Boulder.

Develop a Global Intensive

Faculty Toolbox

Photo Credits: “SASC Dominican Republic group” by Britney Wilson - Global Intensive: SASC in the Dominican Republic - Faculty: Shane Oshetski