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EA Faculty News

EA Faculty News

Summer 2020 Edition

We are happy to share the latest Education Abroad (EA) Faculty News, our publication curated for faculty directors of CU Global Seminars or CU Global Intensives. You will notice a definite Coronavirus flavor in Faculty Resources this time… we are slowly recovering from a brutal spring for education abroad and looking ahead as we start planning 50+ faculty-led programs for 2021! We hope you are doing well and will find this newsletter enjoyable and useful.
- Sylvie Burnet-Jones, Director of Program Development

Faculty Highlights

Bert Covert asked to serve as a regional Co-Vice-Chair of Southeast Asia Section of IUCN Primate Specialist Group

The PSG is a network of scientists who support field research, conservation and education on the ecology & conservation of primate species in dozens of countries around Africa, Asia and Latin America in order to stand against the tide of extinction. Congratulations, Bert!  Read More

Dr. Herbert Covert is a Professor in Anthropology and co-runs the Global Seminar: Primates of Vietman with Dr. Jonathan O’Brien.

Piet Johnson named 2019 Hazel Barnes Prize winner

The Hazel Barnes Prize is the largest and most prestigious single faculty award that CU Boulder bestows. Check out Piet’s interview on why the best scientists are students.  He discusses his teaching philosophies and student involvement in research. Congratulations, Piet!  Read More

Dr. Pieter Johnson is a Professor in EBIO and runs the Global Intensive: Coral Reef Ecology & Conservation in Cozumel, Mexico.

Scott Taylor named Faculty Awardee for the Equity and Excellence Award and receives NSF grant.

Scott received the award for establishing EBIO's Diversity & Inclusion STEM seminar and organizing a multi-department inclusive pedagogy course for graduate students.  Read More
He has also received a $1.75 million National Science Foundation grant to study chickadee hybrids! Congratulations, Scott!  Read More

Dr. Scott Taylor is a Professor in EBIO and serves as one of the alternating Faculty Directors for the Global Seminar: Ecology & Evolution in the Galapagos Islands along with Dr. Andrew Martin.

Student News

Half of CU Fulbright 2020-21 finalists participated on faculty-led programs  

Read More  to find out where they are heading!

Colombia GS alum, Sebastian Elverskog, graduates cum laude

Sebastian’s favorite CU memory upon graduating was participating on the Colombia GS. “Having a real life client and working almost 24/7 on one common goal with no real distractions was incredibly rewarding.”  Read More

Sebastian participated on the Global Seminar, The Medellin Practicum/Studio in Colombia with Dr. Jota Samper of Environmental Design, during the summer of 2019.

Turning Education Abroad Lessons into Real Global Impact

After her experience abroad on South Africa GS in 2015, Rachel Kois was inspired to create her own sustainable company, Simple SwitchRead More

Rachel participated on the Global Seminar: Entrepreneurship & Empowerment in Cape Town, South Africa with Dr. Erick Mueller of Leeds. She also worked as an Ed Abroad Marketing & Outreach Intern from 2015-2016.

Faculty Director Resources

Embedding Intercultural Learning into a College of Science Study Abroad [originally scheduled to travel over Spring Break 2020…]

Dr. Laura Starr, Director for Experiential Learning at Purdue, discusses how COVID-19 forced her to pivot to remote learning for a history of science course that was originally scheduled as a spring break study abroad in Morocco.

Watch the Webinar

Introduction to Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

Learn how COIL can help connect you and a colleague in another country to develop collaborative projects that your students do together across time zones, language differences and geographical distance using online tools, and much more.

Explore SUNY’s self-guided intro to COIL

A Day in the Life of a Faculty Leader Abroad

Enjoy Dr. David Wick’s ED Talk where he explores—through the realistic lens of a busy faculty member—strategies to embed reflection and self-authorship, not only while abroad, but in the processes and preparations which surround the experience.

Watch the Talk

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