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Faculty Director Spotlights


Global Seminar Faculty Director Spotlights


Below you will find Q&As from some of our Global Seminar Faculty Directors. Click on their names to get to know them and their programs.

Lon Abbott Lon Abbott, Senior Instructor, Geological Sciences
International Field Geology (Adelaide, Australia)
Carol Conzelman (Square) Carol Conzelman, Instructor, Anthropology / Global Studies RAP
Democracy & Development in Bolivia (Coroico, Bolivia)
Juan Pablo Dabove Juan Pablo Dabove, Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Culture, History, & Literature (Rosario, Argentina)
Lisa De Alwis Lisa De Alwis, Lecturer in Herbst Program of Humanities in Engineering
Voices of Vienna (Vienna, Austria)
Deluca Laura DeLuca, Instructor, Anthropology
Conservation and Indigenous Peoples in Tanzania (Arusha, Tanzania)
Paul Diduch Paul Diduch, Instructor in Herbst Program of Humanities in Engineering
Culture Wars in Rome (Rome, Italy)
Jennifer Fluri Jennifer Fluri, Associate Professor of Geography
Prague: Past & Present (Prague, Czech Republic)
Suranjan Ganguly Suranjan Ganguly, Professor, Film Studies
Film & the French Aesthetic (Paris, France)
Film & the Italian Aesthetic (Rome, Italy)
Susan Hallstead Susan Hallstead, Senior Instructor, Spanish & Portuguese
Culture, History, & Literature (Rosario, Argentina)
Juan Herrero-Senes Juan Herrero-Senes, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Barcelona Literature & Culture (Barcelona, Spain)
Marianne Holbert Marianne Holbert, Associate Director and Senior Instructor, Program in Environmental Design
Urban Site Analysis and Design (Rome, Italy)
Tobias Hopp Tobias Hopp, Assistant Professor of Advertising, Public Relations, and Media Design
International Strategic Communication (Paris, France)
Bruce Kline Bruce Kline, Senior Instructor, Finance
London Business Seminar (London, England)
Javier Krauel Javier Krauel, Associate Professor, Spanish & Portuguese
Barcelona Literature & Culture (Barcelona, Spain)
Kunce Catherine Kunce,  Senior Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric
Writing in Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)
Karl Linden Karl Linden, Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
Sustainable Potable Water Supply Systems (Santiago, Chile)
Suzanne Magnanini Suzanne Magnanini, Associate Professor, French & Italian
Dante in Florence (Florence, Italy)
Rafael Martí Rafael Martí, Regular Visiting Professor, Operations Management
Operations Management (Valencia, Spain)
Milburn Catherine MilburnInstructor in the Center for Education on Social Responsibility
Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Cocle, Panama)
Erick Mueller Erick Mueller, Senior Instructor and Director of the Cross Campus Entrepreneurship Program, Leeds School of Business
Entrepreneurship & Empowerment (Cape Town, South Africa)
Gay Lynn Olsen Gay Lynn Olsen, Lecturer, Geography & Integrative Physiology
Community Health Care in Nicaragua (Managua, Nicaragua)
Kaifa Roland Kaifa Roland, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Gender, Race, & Tourism in Contemporary Cuba (Havana, Cuba)
Artemi Romanov Artemi Romanov, Professor, Russian Studies
Russian Language & Culture (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Dr. Jota Samper Jota Samper, Assistant Professor, Program in Environmental Design
The Medellin Practicum/Studio (Medellin, Colombia)
Victor Saouma Victor Saouma, Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
Structural Analysis of Iconic Structures (Paris, France)
Dr. Eliza Smith Eliza Smith, French Language Coordinator, Department of French and Italian
French Culture through Fashion (Paris, France)
Keith Stockton Keith Stockton, Instrctuor, Leeds School of Business
International Operations (Shanghai, Shenzhen, & Hong Kong, China)
Scott Taylor smallest Scott Taylor, Assistant Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Ecology & Evolution in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
Mia Thomas-Ruzic Mia Thomas-Ruzic, Instructor of Linguistics
Exploring China through English Teaching (Chengdu, China)
Brian Quinn Brian Valente-Quinn, Assistant Professor of French
Cultures of Activism (Dakar, Senegal)
Nicholas Villanueva Nicholas Villanueva, Assistant Professor, Ethnic Studies; Director of Critical Sports Studies
The Athlete as a National Symbol (Lima, Peru)
Tom Zeiler Tom Zeiler, Professor of History and Director of International Affairs
French Connections (Bordeaux, France)