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Education Abroad Transcripts

Education Abroad Transcripts


Will my education abroad program mail my transcript automatically, or do I have to request it?

In most cases, your transcript will be sent to CU Boulder Education Abroad automatically, but some students must request that it be sent. If you aren't sure, check the program-specific information in your MyCUAbroad checklist. If you are requesting that it be mailed, have it sent to:

University of Colorado Boulder
Education Abroad
123 UCB
Boulder CO 80309-0123

When will my transcripts arrive?

Click here for approximate dates. Depending on the program, transcripts may arrive anywhere from a few weeks to several months after the end of the program.

How will I know if CU Education Abroad received my transcript?

You will get an email from our office when we have posted your courses to the Degree Audit, and you will see the courses/credit in your audit. Until the courses are posted on your Degree Audit, the generic credit (listed in one lump course) will show as “not applicable towards degree.”  Once your actual courses/credits are entered, they will count towards your overall hours and towards major/minor/degree requirements if you obtained pre-approval from the relevant department.

When will my ed abroad coursework be posted in the Degree Audit system?

Once we have received your transcript, your coursework is entered into your Degree Audit within 1-2 weeks. You and your Academic Advisor(s) will be able to see your education abroad coursework in the Degree Audit.

When will my ed abroad credits be posted to my official CU Boulder transcript?

A few days after your courses are available in your degree audit, the overall credit amount and name of your education abroad program will be posted to your official CU Boulder transcript.  The exact classes that you take abroad will not appear on your CU Boulder transcript (but will appear in your degree audit).

What should I do if my courses are not counting as I expected?

  • If you obtained pre-approval for your major/minor requirements and your courses are not counting correctly towards your degree requirements in your degree audit, please consult your Academic Advisor(s) for assistance.
  • If you obtained pre-approval for A&S Core requirements and your courses are not counting for the relevant Core area, please send an email to:
  • If you didn't obtain any approvals for your courses prior to going abroad, you can submit courses for review.  The courses may or may not be approved as you hope and you should submit them ASAP so that you can plan accordingly for your remaining terms.  For guidance on how to submit courses for review, see our Courses & Credit page.

How can I request copies of my education abroad transcript in the future (i.e. for graduate/professional school admissions)?

If your education abroad program sends you a copy of your transcript, it is recommended that you keep the copy for your records and consider making some additional scanned copies as well. CU Boulder Education Abroad (and any other CU Boulder office) is prohibited from releasing copies of your education abroad transcript to anyone (including you). If you need official copies in the future (i.e. to apply to graduate/professional schools), please contact your education abroad program/university directly to request a copy.

I'm not a student at CU Boulder; how do I get credit for my program at my home university?

You should submit an official transcript request form to the Registrar’s Office at CU Boulder to have a CU transcript indicating your education abroad courses sent to your home university. You can access this form & instructions on how to submit it in your application piece “Transcript Request for Non-CU Students” (available through your MyCUAbroad account). Remember that if you turn the form in too early we may not yet have received your transcript from abroad and you won’t have a CU transcript available to send.