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Courses & Credit

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Courses & Credit

Keeping up with your progress towards completing your CU degree during your term abroad is an important element of education abroad. Here are some of the resources you'll need to ensure that you will earn the credit you need while you're abroad:

Getting Started

If you're just starting to explore programs and options for ed abroad, here are some simple resources to get you going:
  • Course Approvals List: review the list of courses that may already be approved for your major
  • Major/Minor Guides: find helpful hints and recommendations from your academic department on programs & timing of when to go
  • Program Features: learn more about program features, especially if you have specific course needs, as course offerings can vary depending on the program type 

Before You Go

Once you've settled on a program it's time to do a deep dive into the courses you might take and how they will count towards your degree at CU:
  • Fulfilling Credit Abroad: understand how coursework will count towards your CU degree requirements and how to submit courses for evaluation
  • Course Planning: learn more about working with your academic advisor, taking online classes while abroad, and accessing academic accommodations during your program
  • Internship Credit: understand how the credit for internships works differently than other abroad coursework 
  • Academic Policies: get details on how Ed Abroad credit works, grading scales, repeat credit, course load minimums/maximums, studying abroad the term after you graduate, and more

During & After Your Program

Once you get abroad and after you return it's still important to keep up with your course plan. Here are some resources that will help with that:

Course Evaluation Forms

 Access all course evaluation forms and tips for submitting evaluations on our Fulfilling Credit Abroad page. Just need the quick links? Course evaluation forms can be accessed here:


Coursework completed on a CU Boulder-approved education abroad program is considered "in residence" credit. Coursework counts towards the minimum number of credits taken on the Boulder campus needed to earn a degree from CU Boulder. (i.e. the college of Arts and Sciences requires a minimum of 45 hours on the Boulder campus). In order to determine what specific degree requirements these courses could fulfill, visit our Fulfilling Credit Abroad page.

To see more about how your coursework will appear in your degree audit and on your transcript, see the Academic Policies page. 

Grading systems on education abroad programs varies by the type of program you participate in. See see the Academic Policies page for details.

Coursework for all majors at CU Boulder is available abroad, though exactly how courses count towards your degree is something you will need to research and plan. To search for programs by general subjects available, use our program search. The Course Approvals List includes over 20,000 approvals for various CU majors and degree requirements.  Be sure to cross-check the approvals list with your program's current course offerings to ensure that they will be offered while you are abroad. 

You will work closely with your Ed Abroad Program Manager and your Academic Advisor(s) to plan the specifics of your courses once you select a program.

For some programs, course offerings/schedules may not be available until shortly before the program start date, or until you are on-site. In this case, work with your Academic Advisor before you leave to develop a plan for what you hope to fulfill while abroad.  Use the Course Approvals List as much as possible, and then submit courses for review after the formal offerings are posted.

Review the Course Planning page to determine when your Academic Advisor or Ed Abroad staff are your best resource. Both teams are here to support you as you plan for your program!

Yes, although we strongly encourage you to do so prior to departure.  If you can't access course offerings until after your arrival, then be sure to submit classes for review ASAP.  Do not wait until after you return - submit courses as soon as you can.

By carefully planning their courses, most students who go abroad still graduate within their intended timeframe. We recommend the following steps:

  • Select as many courses from the Course Approvals List as possible.  Submit additional courses for review as needed (and as soon as you can determine your courses abroad).  Don't make any assumptions about how courses count!  
  • When possible, have twice as many courses approved as you plan to take abroad. This will give you backup options in case courses are canceled, you have scheduling conflicts when registering, etc. Allow yourself as much flexibility with the degree requirements you’re trying to fulfill abroad as possible. 
  • Stay in close communication with your Academic Advisor throughout the process.
  • Keep all course documentation (papers, reading lists, etc.) until the courses are posted to your audit and counting towards any pre-approved degree requirements.
  • See Transcripts & Post-Program Academics page to learn when CU will receive your transcript and post the credits to your degree audit 

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