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How to Apply

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How to Apply

Applying to an Education Abroad program is easy! Once you've decided on your program, you can start and complete your application in three simple steps:

  1. Connect with Education Abroad via an advising session, email, live chat, or phone (call 303-492-7741) to get an application started. An Education Abroad Advisor must open the application for CU Boulder students.
  2. With your Identikey, log in to our website to access the newly opened application.
  3. Complete the application online and submit before the deadline

Applying FAQs

In order to give yourself time to research, select, and apply to a program, we recommend that you begin planning your education abroad experience a year in advance. Application deadlines are typically early in the semester prior to the term you intend to go abroad. That said, admissions is rolling for most programs, so it’s in your best interest to apply early (over summer or winter breaks). Note: some scholarship deadlines precede program deadlines; planning early will enable you to apply for more scholarships!

The application itself can generally be completed in a few hours or less. However, if your application includes a short-form academic evaluation, it’s better to give yourself a couple weeks (academic evaluations are not a common requirement).

An application typically includes short-answer questions, transcript(s), online forms and materials for our office and/or your education abroad organization or host university, and an application fee. A few programs also ask for a short-form academic reference (from a college level professor or graduate TA).

Your application is complete when all of the items in your MyCUAbroad checklist have been marked as received and after you click on the Submit button at the top of your application page. Your application will then be marked "Ready for Review."

We verify your eligibility when we open your application (see our eligibility page for more information). If you submit a quality application by the posted deadline, you have a good chance of being accepted. Weak personal statements and/or discrepancies in your academic/disciplinary histories may affect your chances of acceptance. Note that most programs fill on a rolling basis and some have limited enrollment. It is always in your best interest to apply early!

We work hard to help you find a program that is a good fit for your academic and personal goals. We limit you to one program per term, so that you can invest your time and effort into one strong application. Note: you may apply for more than one summer program if the dates don’t overlap and you plan to attend both.

For programs that review on a rolling admissions basis, you can expect an admission decision 1-3 weeks after you submit your application. Some programs, primarily exchange programs, will only review applications after the deadline has passed; in these cases you can expect an admission decision 1-2 weeks after the deadline has passed. You will be notified via email of our decision.

If you are not accepted to your first choice program, a good alternative is likely available. We will work with you to explore options that suit your academic and personal goals. If you are not accepted because of your disciplinary status, you may be eligible to reapply at a later date. Please note that our office cannot guarantee acceptance into any program.

While your application is in review, there is still plenty to do! Start reviewing visa requirements for your country (if necessary) and make sure your passport is up-to-date - it should be valid for at least 6 months after the end of your program (you can find more info on our Passports & Visas page). Also, begin to search course offerings for potential courses you may want to take while abroad and start submitting courses for evaluation if necessary.

Both applications must be complete by the CU Boulder deadline. Many education abroad organizations require hard-copy items (official transcripts, passport photos, etc.). If you need to mail items, they should be post-marked by our deadline.

Carefully read the instructions in your MyCUAbroad or education abroad organization application about the reference requirements. Several weeks before the application deadline, ask a professor, instructor or graduate-level TA if they are willing to complete a short academic recommendation form for you. If they agree, log in to your MyCUAbroad and enter their contact information into the Academic Recommendation form.

Usually no. For almost all programs, references MUST come from a graduate TA or faculty member who has taught you in a college course, either at CU Boulder or another institution. References that come from an advisor or supervisor will be considered supplementary and will not count as a required reference.

The exception to this is if you are applying to an ISA internship or other select internship programs. In these cases, your reference should come from an employer or advisor.

Use the costs that are posted from the most recent term as an estimate. If you don’t see any costs posted for your program this means that the program is new. Please contact our office for assistance.

Yes. You are required to report all incidents--including warnings--on and/or off-campus. For questions about how your disciplinary history can affect your participation, refer to the Eligibility page.

If you are applying to a non-approved program, be sure to register to access the forms and information you need.  

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