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Why Go Abroad?

Why Go Abroad? see the world!

Education abroad is an incredible opportunity to travel, explore and broaden your experience and perspectives while staying on track with your degree!
I think that being able to branch out, see new places and experience new things is incredibly important because it breaks down biases, prejudices and stereotypes. [...] I now know who I am more than ever, and who I want to be. Traveling to so many new places really pushed me out of my comfort zone and forced me to dive deep within myself to find my true character. This experience is only the beginning, and I hope to continue to push myself, meet new people, see new places, and experience new things. — Semester at Sea participant experience academics from new perspectives

Coursework is available for ALL majors offered at CU Boulder – even yours! With study abroad it’s possible to earn major, minor, certificate, A&S core, MAPS, and/or general elective credit.

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International experiences can boost your earning potential, help your career, and even inspire your own start-up business! Consider a program that provides unique experience to add to your résumé, such as a non-traditional location, an internship, or a research component. Gain marketable international experience, and/or improve your proficiency in a second language. Some other ways that education abroad can help give you a leg up against the competition include:
  • Demonstrating adaptability to employers and graduate schools
  • Gaining and honing entrepreneurial skills
  • Making connections for future international travel and/or work
  • Increasing skills in cross-cultural communication & awareness, problem-solving, and leadership
  • Participating in an internship program for practical, on-the-job experience
Without a doubt studying abroad helped me secure my full-time job immediately after graduation. The time I spent in Nicaragua prepared me with skills attractive to employers such as the ability to adapt in unstructured situations and work independently as well as increased Spanish fluency. In my job interview I was asked about my time abroad, and I know this experience gave me an edge over other candidates. — Nicaragua participant

...because it can work with your budget

You have lots of affordable options to choose from! Programs range from comparable to the cost of a semester at CU Boulder for an in-state student to more than the cost of a semester for an out-of-state student. We will help you find a program that works for your budget.
  • Federal, state and CU Boulder financial aid will automatically apply to approved study abroad programs.
  • There are many scholarships available, including need-based, merit-based, for certain majors, regions, student groups and more!
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...because it's so much more than studying

Immerse yourself in the local culture with a service-learning or volunteer opportunity while staying on track with your degree or complete an international internship to gain practical, hands-on experience in your field. Plus, you will learn and experience so much through daily interactions with your new environment.

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Yes, I miss some of the amenities from back home. My kitchen, my chai. My house. My family and friends. The snow dusting the tips of the flatirons in the morning. But it doesn't matter because I can have those things for the rest of my life, and this experience, where I am now, is so much more than just a semester in a different place. It's the experience of a lifetime. — Chile participant

...because you don't need to speak another language 

You can go abroad in 50 countries without knowing a second language! Visit English-speaking countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and England OR take classes taught in English in locations like Spain, Chile, Sweden, China, Israel, and more!

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  • Learn more about different Program Features that will fit your level of language proficiency
  • Select "No experience with host country language" in the “Pre-Program Language Level” search parameter to find programs without language prerequisites

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