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Travel Health & Safety Resources

Travel Health & Safety Resources

As you're planning for your time abroad and before paying any program or housing deposits (including independent housing leases), visa fees, flights, etc. consult the COVID-19 Information on Education Abroad webpage and monitor your CU Boulder email address often for important updates and guidance. Due to the continued fluidity of the current situation and global response to COVID-19, we also recommend continuing to follow the advice of the CDC, International SOS and local on-site contacts.

International SOS
As a student at the University of Colorado Boulder, you have access to location-specific health and safety information provided by International SOS. To access International SOS’s resources:
  1. Go to the International SOS Website
  2. Once you log in, you will have access to country-specific reports (see the blue box on the left-hand side)
In addition to these country reports, you can:
  • Call International SOS for advice about health, safety and travel to your host country (and other anticipated countries to which you may travel). Not sure what to ask? Click here for suggestions!
  • Request a customized safety briefing for a specific itinerary (i.e. for an independent trip over a break or long weekend). This is a free service that we recommend. To request a report, send an email with your itinerary to You may use this email template to do so.

Cancel / Interrupt for Any Reason Insurance

Education Abroad recommends that students carefully consider purchasing Cancel/Interrupt for Any Reason insurance after they have been accepted into an Education Abroad Program. Cancel/Interrupt for Any Reason (CFAR/IFAR) insurance can help safeguard an investment in an education abroad experience in the event the program is suspended or a student unexpectedly withdraws – either before departing or while abroad. This is not a health insurance plan; students are automatically enrolled in a mandatory international health insurance plan as a part of their program fee.

There are several CFAR/IFAR insurance policies to choose from. Education Abroad recommends a CFAR/IFAR insurance policy that provides at least 75% coverage; one such option is Travel Insured International Cancellation & Interruption For Any Reason Insurance. The following information is specific to the CFAR/IFAR insurance recommended by Education Abroad. Contact CFAR/IFAR insurance policy providers to learn more about different policies.

CFAR/IFAR insurance will cover: A percentage of your program fees, housing abroad, and flights if your program is canceled or you withdraw from the program for any reason if these fees are not refunded by other parties.

CFAR/IFAR insurance will not cover: any program fees, housing abroad, or flights that are refunded through your program or airline as a result of a trip interruption or cancellation. CFAR/IFAR insurance will not cover visa application fees, pre-departure vaccines/other medical exams that are required by your program. 
As you consider purchasing CFAR/IFAR insurance, make sure you know the following:
  • What is and is not covered – specifically in relation to COVID-19 and pandemics since not all CFAR/IFAR insurance policies cover COVID-19 or pandemics
  • Your airline’s flight cancellation refund policy
  • Your program’s cancellation and refund policies
  • The terms of your housing contract, the cost of housing, and when deposits and expenses are owed on your housing while abroad
Ready to enroll in CFAR/IFAR insurance?  
Students need to enroll in CFAR/IFAR insurance within 21 days of receiving a bill for a coverable expense. Typically, the earliest Ed Abroad coverable expense will be the program deposit, which is charged by CU Education Abroad after a student commits to their program by signing your Participant Contract. However, students may occasionally have an earlier expense such as a deposit paid directly to their program or a housing application fee/deposit. To allow students the opportunity to enroll in CFAR/IFAR insurance and have the CU Boulder program deposit covered, Education Abroad will remind students of our recommendation to enroll in CFAR/IFAR insurance as soon as they are charged.

Still have questions? Click here to view CFAR/IFAR FAQs and contact with any additional questions.

Additional Resources

The following resources are for informational purposes only. The University of Colorado Boulder and the Education Abroad Office are not responsible for information provided from these sites.