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Compare Program Costs

Compare Estimated Program Budgets

Compare Estimate Program Budgets

Use the pulldown menus below to select programs to compare. View the webpage for this program for more detailed information. If your program is based in more than one country, please select “multi” for both country and city below.

Program Name
Instructional Costs
Health Insurance
Housing & Meal Costs in fee
Housing Costs in fee
Study Abroad Program Fee
Books & Supplies
Housing Costs
Meal Costs
Additional Housing Costs
Additional Meal Costs
Personal Expenses
Estimated Costs not included in Program Fee
Total Estimated Budget

*N/A is used above to show that costs in that row are accounted for in another part of the chart. (i.e., if you see “Housing & Meal Costs in fee” as N/A, you will then see these costs broken down in the rows labeled “Housing Costs” and “Meal Costs”). For some programs all or part of the Housing and Meal costs are included in the Program Fee, for other programs these are Estimated Costs not included in the Program Fee.