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Students on Kenyan field study safari
Explore Programs
There are many factors that go into finding the program that's right for you, including financial considerations and the kinds of credit you can earn. Use the following tools to explore your program options and uncover previously unknown opportunities!
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Program Search

Use our Program Search to find programs that meet your specific needs including budget, courses, language pre-requisites, the length of a summer program, etc. 

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Program Features

Program features play a major role in shaping your day-to-day experience. Choosing the program feature that's right for you is just as important as choosing a particular city or country in which to study.  
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Programs by Region

If your top priority is your program location and/or you are flexible on other deciding factors that go into finding a best fit program, this is a great place to start!


CU Boulder students have hundreds of CU Boulder approved education abroad programs to choose from! Education Abroad offers roughly 400 programs in 65 countries (on all 7 continents)! We encourage you to find a program that is a great fit for you by considering factors such as courses offered, location, program type, cost, etc.

Any program you find through our program search is a CU Boulder approved program. A program is considered “approved” after it has been evaluated by the CU Boulder Education Abroad Committee and determined to meet CU Boulder academic standards. If you participate in a CU-approved program you will earn in-residence credit (as if the work had been completed on the Boulder campus) for courses taken abroad, and can apply federal, state, and institutional financial aid to the program.

If you are considering a program not listed on our website, refer to our non-approved program page for more information.

Familiarize yourself with the different types of programs and then use our program search to filter through options that match your goals and priorities. Search by: location, term, cost, program type, academic subject, eligibility, and much more. And then connect with an Ed Abroad Program Manager as you work on narrowing down your options.

Yes! You can take courses taught in English in most of our destinations. Use the program search parameter “Pre-Program Language Level” and select “*No experience with host country language” to find programs that offer courses in English. Be sure to check the course prerequisites for any program you are considering, as some of our programs have other prerequisites besides language background.

Our foreign language course requirements are based on CU Boulder’s language course structure. For example, if a program requires 4 semesters of college-level Spanish, you need to have completed Spanish 2120/50 (or another university’s equivalent) before your program begins. If you haven’t taken language classes at the college level, you can find out your estimated proficiency by taking the online language placement exam. Results from this exam are a good indicator of what programs you may be eligible for, but they do not guarantee that you can apply for those programs.

It’s important to know that the results form this language exam tell you what language level you have placed into at CU Boulder, not what you have placed out of. For example, if you take this exam and the results yield SPAN 3000, this indicates that you have placed out of SPAN 2120/50. However, this does not make you eligible for programs with a SPAN 3000 requirement; you would need to complete SPAN 3000 in order to apply for those programs.

For languages not listed here, please contact an Education Abroad Advisor for assistance.


"Students on Kenyan field study safari" photo by Michal Greenberg