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Parents & Family

Parents & Family

Why go abroad?

Education abroad equips students with key competencies to succeed in today’s global economy. Year after year, we watch with admiration as students grow, engage in new ways, and accomplish amazing things overseas. We believe strongly in the positive impact of education abroad on our students, our campus community, and our world as a whole. Consult our Why Go Abroad page for more.

Choosing and applying to a program

First steps and advice on choosing the right program can be found on our Get Started page or Get Started FAQ. Visit our Apply page for an overview of the application process. We hope choosing a program will be an exciting experience for your student and we are here to help every step of the way!

Financial Considerations

Visit the Finances page to look up specific program budgets, find payment due dates, and learn more about using financial aid on an education abroad program. Additional details on billing and other financial considerations can be found in the Education Abroad Handbook

Contracts your student must sign

Throughout the application process students are required to sign a number of documents related to their participation in an education abroad program. These signature documents address liability, financial responsibility and code of conduct obligations. Samples are provided below. This list is not exhaustive; most students will sign additional contracts for their education abroad organization or host university.

Pre-acceptance: Post-acceptance:

Preparing to depart

The Once Accepted page provides an overview of your student's post-acceptance responsibilities. However, most post-acceptance materials are found in student application portals. Please ask your student to show you post-acceptance materials.

Returning to CU

We encourage each student to share the skills, insights and experiences gained abroad with the CU Boulder campus community upon return. Education abroad returnees are uniquely positioned to make CU Boulder an even more enriching place to live and learn.

Upon program completion, we send students information related to education abroad transcripts, cultural readjustment, international opportunities on campus and in the Boulder area, as well as advice on how to most effectively leverage international experiences in future academic or professional pursuits. We invite you to explore returnee resources on our Returning to CU page.

Additional resources for parents and family

Estudiando en el extranjero

Estudiar en el extranjero es la busqueda emocionante para oportunidades educativas en otro país. Los estudiantes pueden estudiar en el extranjero durante el verano, por un semestre, o un año y pueden recibir crédito para su especialidad en CU Boulder. Estudiar en el extranjero abre puertas para oportunidades futuras y éxitos. Consulte 10 Razones Para Hacer Estudias Extranjeras y aprender sobre financiamiento, planificación, preocupaciones, discriminación, consejos, etc.