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Not Eligible for Credit

Courses Not Eligible for CU Credit

The vast majority of courses on CU Boulder approved programs are traditional academic subjects and will be accepted by CU Boulder as elective credit at the very least. However, a small number of courses some taken on study abroad programs are not eligible for CU credit.  To ensure that all of your courses transfer, you should 1) check the course approvals list for your program and avoid any courses listed as "non-transfer/non-credit" and 2) review the following general guidelines describing the types of courses to avoid.

If you take a course abroad that is Not Eligible for CU Boulder Credit: You must enroll in enough additional for-credit courses to maintain full-time student status. The not-for-credit course will appear as Not for Credit (NC) on your CU Boulder transcript.

The following guidelines describe courses that will not be accepted for credit by CU Boulder. In general, you should be wary of courses that a) sound really fun and b) don't sound like any courses that are taught at CU Boulder:

  • Physical education courses (e.g. yoga, recreational dancing, sports)
  • Cooking and food appreciation courses
  • Courses about wine
  • Courses identified by CU Boulder as remedial, i.e., necessary to correct academic deficiencies, such as remedial English, mathematics, science, and developmental reading
  • Outdoor leadership and related courses through Outward Bound, NOLS or similar programs
  • Tourism studies courses
  • Vocational-technical courses that are offered at two-year and proprietary institution
  • Credits earned for work experience (including some internships) or through a cooperative education program (see the section on internships in the Education Abroad Handbook for more information)
  • Courses in religion that constitute specialized religious training or that are doctrinal in nature
  • Outdoor leadership and related courses through Outward Bound, NOLS or similar programs
  • English-language proficiency courses (courses designed for non-native English speakers)
  • Applied medical courses
  • Courses or programs identified as college orientation
  • In addition, some Business classes may not be eligible for any CU Boulder credit for Business & non-Business majors alike. Business majors should work closely with their advisor to get all Business courses pre-approved.

If you are interested in a course that meets any of the descriptions above, you should submit the courses to Education Abroad for evaluation