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CU Boulder Education Abroad Participant Contract

The document that follows is a legal and binding contract that must be signed by any student participating in this education abroad program with the University of Colorado Boulder. Read it thoroughly. When you feel you understand the terms of the contract, sign it and submit it electronically to Education Abroad to show that you intend to participate in the program. Upon receipt of the signed contract, your CUBill&Pay account will be charged the required nonrefundable deposit of $550 ($350 for Global Intensives). Check your CUBill&Pay account in myCUInfo to view this charge. You can either make the deposit payment online or you can send payment to the CU Boulder Bursar's office. Credit cards are not accepted.

(1) All policies and conditions set forth in the sections below are incorporated and made part of this agreement.

(2) I understand that I am financially responsible for the CU Boulder education abroad deposit and program fees, and for any and all other expenses and costs not included in the program fee that are incurred by me before, during and after the program. Under no circumstances will CU Boulder Education Abroad be responsible for any of my expenses incurred in preparing for the program, such as, but not limited to, advance purchase airfare, equipment, passport fees, visa fees, and medical expenses.

If I participate in an academic year (AY) or calendar year (CY) program option for which there is no AY or CY program cost listed online, I understand that my costs will be the sum of the two separate semester costs related to my program, i.e. fall and spring for AY or spring and fall for CY.

The deposit, the program fee, estimates of other costs not included in the program fee, and a schedule of payments including due dates are available on the Program Costs page.

(3) I understand that Education Abroad expects students to conduct their private financial activities honestly and responsibly while abroad. Specifically, I am expected to have paid all obligations incurred before returning home. Should I leave a debt which could adversely affect the operation of the education abroad program or reflect badly upon the University, Education Abroad maintains the right to hold me responsible for that debt by applying it to my CU Boulder account as well as by refusing next term registration, re-enrollment at CU Boulder, and/or access to transcripts and/or diplomas until the debt is paid.

(4) Although every effort will be made to operate the program at the quoted price and with the plans as announced, CU Boulder Education Abroad does reserve the right, should conditions warrant or necessity demand, to make changes in the arrangements or the fee. Periodic reviews will be made before and after the program begins. It may be necessary to make some adjustment of the fee before the program begins or to alter and/or cancel arrangements at any time. While the fee may be adjusted for changes in arrangements, there will not be any adjustments made to program fee due to exchange rate fluctuation as the program fee is in U.S. dollars.

(5) I understand that all withdrawals must be made in accordance with Education Abroad's withdrawal fee and deadlines policy, and that withdrawing from the program may have a financial implication. This policy is available on the Program Costs page.

(6) If the program is cancelled by CU Boulder Education Abroad before it begins, all program fees paid to CU Boulder will be refunded. If the program is cancelled after it begins, all efforts will be made to refund as much of the program fee paid to CU Boulder as possible.

(7) This agreement takes effect when signed and submitted to Education Abroad. If your acceptance is pending a final decision by a program provider or host university and you are not accepted by them, this contract will be void and the required non-refundable deposit will be refunded.

(8) I understand that failure to maintain eligibility (academic, disciplinary, financial, or otherwise) and/or failure to fulfill any conditions imposed at the time of acceptance by CU Boulder Education Abroad will mean dismissal from the program and no entitlement to a refund of any fees paid, due, or owing to CU Boulder, including fees paid, due, or owing to the program provider by me or by CU Boulder.

If you have any questions/concerns about the terms of this contract or signing the contract within the require timeframe, please contact your Program Manager.