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CU Boulder Education Abroad Participant Contract

This Contract is in effect beginning Fall 2020. To see the prior version of the Contract please click here.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - CONTAINS WAIVER OF LEGAL RIGHTS. This contract is a legal and binding document that must be signed by any student participating in this education abroad program with the University of Colorado Boulder. By clicking on the "Sign Contract" button within the "Acceptance Information" section of your application for this program, you are signing this contract to show that you intend to participate in the program and understand the conditions and limitations stated.

Upon receipt of the signed contract, your CU Bursar account will be charged the required nonrefundable deposit outlined in the Program Costs page. Check your Bursar account (Students log in to Buff Portal; Authorized payers log in to CUBill&Pay) to view this charge. You can either make the deposit payment online or you can send payment to the CU Boulder Bursar's office.

All policies and conditions set forth in the sections below are incorporated and made part of this agreement.

(1) I understand that I am financially responsible for the CU Boulder education abroad deposit and program fees, and for any and all other expenses and costs not included in the program fee that are incurred by me before, during and after the program. Under no circumstances will CU Boulder Education Abroad be responsible for any of my expenses incurred in preparing for the program, such as, but not limited to, advance purchase airfare, equipment, passport fees, visa fees, and medical expenses.

I understand that I am responsible for any financial consequences that are a result of any changes I make to my program. These changes may include but are not limited to: switching programs; adding or dropping sessions/blocks; housing adjustments; and/or adding or withdrawing from terms.

The deposit, the program fee, estimates of other costs not included in the program fee, and a schedule of payments including due dates are available on the Education Abroad Program Costs page.

(2) I understand that Education Abroad expects students to conduct their private financial activities honestly and responsibly while abroad. Specifically, I am expected to have paid all obligations incurred before returning home. Should I leave a debt which could adversely affect the operation of the education abroad program or reflect badly upon the University, I agree and understand that I am fully responsible for my own debts and financial activities, and Education Abroad maintains the right to hold me responsible for that debt by applying it to my CU Boulder account as well as by refusing next term registration, re-enrollment at CU Boulder, and/or access to transcripts and/or diplomas until the debt is paid.

(3) Although every effort will be made to operate the program at the quoted price and with the plans as announced, CU Boulder Education Abroad does reserve the right, should conditions warrant or necessity demand, to make changes in the arrangements or the fee. Periodic reviews will be made before and after the program begins. It may be necessary to make some adjustment of the fee before the program begins or to alter and/or cancel arrangements at any time. While the fee may be adjusted for changes in arrangements, there will not be any adjustments made to program fee due to exchange rate fluctuation as the program fee is in U.S. dollars. CU Boulder Education Abroad will make efforts to keep you apprised of any changes in the arrangements or the fees at issue.

(4) This agreement takes effect when you click on the "Sign Contract" button within the "Acceptance Information" section of your application for this program. If your acceptance is pending a final decision by a program provider or host university and you are not accepted by them, this contract will be void and the required non-refundable deposit will be refunded.

(5) I understand that failure to maintain eligibility (academic, disciplinary, financial, or otherwise) and/or failure to fulfill any conditions imposed at the time of acceptance by CU Boulder Education Abroad will mean dismissal from the program and no entitlement to a refund of any fees paid, due, or owing to CU Boulder, including fees paid, due, or owing to the program provider by me or by CU Boulder.

Withdrawals and Program Cancellations
(1) I understand that all withdrawals must be made in accordance with Education Abroad's withdrawal fee and deadlines policy, and that withdrawing from the program may have a financial implication. This policy is available on the Program Costs page. Notice of withdrawal from an Education Abroad program must be submitted in writing to Education Abroad by email from my official CU email. The date of withdrawal is the regular business day during which my written withdrawal statement is received.

Education Abroad does NOT guarantee that any portion of the fees owed to or submitted to Education Abroad by me will be removed or refunded if I withdraw from the program for any reason. CU Boulder pays many sub-contractors for the educational services provided to participants and these sub-contractors have varying payment and refund policies. In many cases, Education Abroad is required to make large payments (or encumber significant funds) on behalf of a participant well in advance of the program start date, before Education Abroad has charged the participant’s CU Boulder Bursar account, and/or before the participant has submitted payment. If Education Abroad has already paid or encumbered funds on your behalf at the time of your withdrawal, you are obligated to pay the amount encumbered or paid by Education Abroad unless and until the third party reimburses Education Abroad or releases Education Abroad from the financial obligation. The later you withdraw from an Education Abroad program, the higher your financial obligation is likely to be.

All participants in an Education Abroad program are required to pay a $75 Application Fee, and a Program Fee as a condition of participation.

Due to the many variables involved, fees owed to Education Abroad are calculated on a case-by-case basis for withdrawn participants, based on the following:

  1. The $75 Application Fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.
    1. If an applicant withdraws from an Education Abroad program any time after signing the “CU Boulder Education Abroad Application Fee (Agreement to Pay)”, the applicant will be responsible for the non-refundable $75 Application Fee.
    2. If Education Abroad cancels the program or the applicant is denied acceptance for participation in the applicant’s selected program, Education Abroad may remove or refund the full Application Fee charge at Education Abroad’s sole discretion; the student may not defer the Application Fee to a different or future program.
  2. Final Program Fee amounts vary based upon the timing of the withdrawal.
    1. If an applicant withdraws from an Education Abroad program after being accepted by Education Abroad but before signing the Participant Contract, the applicant will not be responsible for paying the Program Fee.
    2. If a participant withdraws from an Education Abroad program after signing the Participant Contract, the participant will be subject to the withdrawal fees as outlined on the Program Costs page.
    3. If a participant withdraws from an Education Abroad program after the program officially begins, the participant is responsible for the full Program Fee.
  1. Education Abroad strongly advises that participants purchase fully refundable airline tickets and/or trip cancellation insurance to safeguard against losses or penalties should the participant withdraw for any reason (including failure to obtain a visa or any other personal reason), or should a program be canceled or its dates changed. Education Abroad assumes no responsibility for such losses or penalties.
Education Abroad will not accept requests for financial appeals under any circumstances should a student withdraw from a program or depart a program early.

(2) If the program is canceled by CU Boulder Education Abroad or program sponsor (refer to the program cancellation policy for details) at any point before or during a program, all efforts will be made to refund recoverable expenses. If Education Abroad has paid or encumbered any funds on my behalf for program expenses prior to the program cancellation, I am not entitled to a refund of those non-recoverable funds. CU Boulder reserves the right not to refund actual fees or costs incurred by the University due to cancellation outside of the University’s control. Refunds will not be provided for any expenses not included in the program fee, such as airfare, personal expenses, independent housing, or visa fees.

Emergency Medical Authorization
(1) On occasion, emergencies may arise that require medical care, hospitalization, or surgery for a participant. So that such treatment can be administered without delay, we ask that each participant authorize the University of Colorado Boulder's resident director or appointed official abroad to secure, at the expense of the participant, any treatment deemed necessary.

In the event of injury or illness, if I am unable to do so myself, I hereby authorize the resident director or other appointed official of the University of Colorado Boulder, at my expense, to secure any necessary treatment, including administration of anesthetic and surgery, and such medication as may be prescribed. It is further agreed that, if my condition so requires, I may be returned to the United States, at my expense.
Personal Conduct Agreement
(1) Students enrolled in a CU Boulder Education Abroad Program are viewed as representatives of the United States as well as the University of Colorado from the conduct perspective and as such, must comply with standards of acceptable behavior and conduct in their host country, as well as guidelines for health and safety. This is discussed during pre-departure and on-site orientations and in written pre-departure materials, which are incorporated here by reference.
Every student enrolled in a CU Boulder Education Abroad Program must abide by various rules, policies and laws while abroad. This applies during official program activities (such as courses or excursions) and also during free time. More specifically, students agree and understand that they must abide by the following rules and policies: 
  • Honor Code
  • Student Conduct Code
  • Policies and expectations outlined in the CU Boulder Education Abroad Handbook and other materials (posted to students’ MyCUAbroad account)
  • Policies of the host university and/or education abroad program, provided to students via their online portal and/or during orientation meetings
  • All applicable laws and policies of the host country
If students violate any of the above, the violation will be reported to the CU Boulder Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution office or other appropriate office and students may be subject to disciplinary action from CU Boulder, the host university, the education abroad program, and/or the host country.

By signing this agreement I hereby acknowledge that I have reviewed and understand the statements above, that I understand the rules and policies governing my participation in a CU Boulder Education Abroad Program and that failure to abide by the conditions or spirit of this agreement may result in dismissal from the program and/or other discipline or penalties.
Legal Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk
In conducting Education Abroad programs, the University of Colorado Boulder makes every effort to provide for the welfare and safety of the participants. However, participation in the program is voluntary and there are certain inherent risks which the participant must assume. Such risks may include but are not limited to war, quarantine, civil unrest, public health risks, criminal activity, terrorism, exposure to communicable or infectious diseases, ill effects of unfamiliar food and water, incidents related to ground, air or water transportation, adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, accident, injuries or damage to property, and other physical, mental and emotional injury. I recognize and assume such risks and take full responsibility for damage to or loss of property, personal illness or injury, or death while a participant is on the program.

In consideration of my participation in the program, on behalf of myself and all those who could ever advance a claim through me, I agree to release and indemnify the University of Colorado, including its trustees, employees, agents and representatives, from any and all claims and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, for any injury, loss or damage, including catastrophic injury or death, related to my participation in this program.

While the University will endeavor to provide limited health care insurance, it does not assume any responsibility, beyond the coverage provided, for any health care expenses, and participants are strongly urged to obtain such additional medical/hospital coverage as they deem appropriate. Participants who wish to remain enrolled in the CU Gold Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) during their Education Abroad program must reach out to the Student Insurance Department for a manual enrollment as SHIP does not carry over to the semester while on Education Abroad.

I have read, understand and acknowledge the preceding paragraphs. I have given this matter serious thought. I freely accept full responsibility for my decision to participate in this program and the associated risks. I have read and freely accept the terms of this Legal Release, Indemnity and Assumption of Risk.