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Study Abroad Center

Students in Denmark by Amanda KruegerAt study abroad centers you will take courses arranged specifically for education abroad students who are typically from the U.S. These courses may be taught by U.S. faculty or host country faculty. Courses may be taught in English, in the language of the host country, or both. In most cases, local students will not be in class with you. On some programs you will live in university residence halls or with host families to provide more opportunities to meet locals.

Things to Consider:

  • Study in a non-English-speaking country even if you have little or no foreign language proficiency
  • Special needs can be addressed more easily
  • Teaching and grading methods are often based on the U.S. model
  • Academic periods often match those in the U.S.
  • You may feel isolated from locals & find it harder to experience the host-country culture
  • Course offerings will be more limited compared to direct enrollment (especially for STEM students)

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Photo credits: Friends in Denmark, by Amanda Krueger