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Hot air balloon over Bagan temple in MyanmarOn a multi-site program you will spend your education abroad term in more than one country, often traveling extensively as part of the official academic itinerary. For example, on Semester at Sea, you will visit approximately 8-12 countries during a semester voyage. On CIEE's Open Campus program you can choose to study in up to three different cities. Other traveling programs may travel regionally.

Things to Consider:

  • Visit many different countries and learn about many different cultures in a short period of time
  • Visit the places you are learning about in class
  • You will not be completely immersed in any one culture
  • Not always conducive to language acquisition
  • So many new and different experiences at the same time can be overwhelming
  • There is not much time to reflect because just as you begin to know one culture, you move on to another

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Photo credits: Hot air balloon over Bagan Temple in Myanmar, by Nik Treece