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Enrollment at a University Abroad

Students on quad in CologneEnrolling at a university abroad enables students to take courses at a host university with local students. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Enroll at a university in an English-speaking country with instruction in English
  2. Enroll at a university in a non-English speaking country with instruction in English
  3. Enroll at a university in a non-English-speaking country with instruction in the local language. This requires a high level of language proficiency (see program webpages for prerequisites).

Things to Consider:

  • Experience local university life
  • Choose from a wide range of courses
  • Meet locals your age in class
  • Become immersed in the language and culture of the host country
  • You'll need to be independent and self-sufficient
  • Unless instruction is offered in English, you must be quite proficient in the language of the host country before the program begins
  • Due to differences in academic calendars, it may not always be possible to do the program for only one semester
  • Teaching styles and classroom expectations may differ significantly from the U.S.
Enrollment at a university abroad encompasses most exchange programs. Click here for more information on exchange programs

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Photo credits: 'Yodai' in Germany, by Kailey Geary