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The Global Buffs Gazette: Spring 2017

Editors: Michal Greenberg, Bri Dascher, and Bryce Patterson

Swiss mountains by Parker Curry

CU Students as Ambassadors Abroad by Mary Dando

At Education Abroad, we are constantly evolving in order to provide an encompassing and meaningful experience for all students.  Sending students abroad that represent the diversity of CU is vital because these students are so often a key point of contact between the U.S. and their host communities... Read more

Woman walking down Spanish alley by Tessa Diestel

Education Abroad introduces new GPA Access Abroad Initiative by Bri Dascher

The University of Colorado Boulder strives to prepare its students for an increasingly global market and give them an internationally-minded perspective. It follows, then, that our best campus is one that sees a large proportion of our diverse student body taking advantage of educational opportunities abroad. But we are seeing gaps in the kinds of students who actually go abroad... Read more

Hot air balloon over Myanmar temple by Nik Treece

Beating Reverse Culture Shock by Bri Dascher

So, you're finally home after a semester (or year, or summer) abroad. You put on your best pair of bravery pants, you hopped on an international flight bound for adventure, and you learned more about yourself and the world than you ever thought possible... Read more

Students at Passport Day 2017

Passport Day 2017 by Bryce Patterson

One of our key goals in international education is to support students in developing long-term connections with host cultures, continuing to build bridges years after the program has ended. For CU students Conner Knickel and Alex Dudley, a summer spent in Tanzania on our Conservation & Indigenous Peoples Global Seminar would be the jumping off point for near-continuous involvement... Read more

Wollongong coastline in Australia by Chelsea Arent

Exchange Spotlight: University of Wollongong by Bri Dascher

When Tanner Cook arrived at International House, his dorm for the semester at the University of Wollongong in Wollongong, Australia, he was the only student there... Read more

Student with lemur in Madagascar by Alison Shlom

How did study abroad impact your career? Take this survey!

Research on the benefits of study abroad has been conducted by countless universities. The results trend towards the same thing: study abroad is beneficial both for the remainder of an alumni's college career, and for their experience out in the working world in terms of GPA, staying on track with a degree, and finding a job after graduation... Read more

Students studying Geology in Australia by Brett Oliver

Global Buffs Updates by Michal Greenberg

See what your fellow Global Buffs have been up to... Read more

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