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Studying and Doing Research Abroad

Education Abroad students planning to do on-site research before, during, or after their education abroad program should consider applying for UROP funding. To be eligible for UROP stipend funding (for time spent on the project), the proposed UROP project must be distinct or separate from a required program assignment. However, research-related expenses, or supplies for creative production may be considered for UROP funding if such costs are not covered by program fees. Travel expenses to participate in an education abroad program are not fundable under UROP. Expenses for intranational (within the country) or intracontinental/regional travel to conduct research between the education abroad program sites and a student's research site(s) may be considered for UROP funding.

Application, detailed descriptions, project archive (to get project ideas) are available on the UROP website. Application deadline is early - often earlier than your program deadline. Plan ahead!