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Program Costs: What Does This Mean?

Program costs are depicted on program pages and in our program search by symbols that are meant to be approximate representations of what a student will typically spend for a semester at CU. Here are some general ranges:
Symbol Comprehensive Semester Program Costs Comprehensive Summer Program Costs
$ $15,000 - $21,000

Comparable to or less than CU in-state costs
$6,000 - $8,000
$$ $21,000 - $28,000

Between CU in-state and out-of-state costs
$8,000 - $11,000
$$$ $28,000 - $34,000

Comparable to CU out-of-state costs
$11,000 - $14,000
$$$$ $34,000+

Higher than CU out-of-state costs (rare)
* The cost amounts listed above and on our program cost pages are quite comprehensive and include the vast majority of costs/expenses, with the exception of additional vacation travel (i.e. personal travel on weekends or before/after your program).
Last Updated October 2021