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Environmental Design Education Abroad Guide

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CU Boulder Education Abroad offers over 400 programs in over 70 countries! You can go abroad for a semester, year, 2-12 weeks in the summer, or even winter break. Going abroad is strongly encouraged by the Environmental Design program.  Use the following information as a general guideline to plan your time abroad, and connect with your academic advisor as well. Work with Education Abroad advisors to get more details on how to get started, discuss your program options, and next steps. 

Planning and When to Go

  • Freshman: Take your required major studios and work on your core curriculum.
  • Sophomore: Complete your core curriculum requirements and start saving up ENVD electives and specialized electives for while abroad.
  • Junior: ENVD recommends you study abroad during semester 6 or 7, when you don't have to take a required major studio class. Instead, you should plan to take your "Pick One" studio, ENVD electives, Specialization electives, or non-ENVD general electives while abroad.
  • Senior: Work closely with your advisor to ensure that you can get all of your requirements completed. Plan to complete your Capstone and remaining requirements. Be sure that you know when the credits may be transcripted, as this can delay your official graduation date.

Quick Facts

  • Go abroad during your spring of junior year or fall of senior year. 
  • The most common degree requirements taken abroad are the ENVD "Pick One" studio, ENVD electives, Specialization electives, or general non-ENVD electives.
  • Use the Course Approvals List to find programs that offer courses approved for the credit you need

What Kind of Credit Can You Earn Abroad?

Generally Doable Probably Not
ENVD "Pick One" studios, ENVD electives, Specialized electives, non-ENVD general electives Major-specific equivalencies, capstone courses, core studios

Ready to Look at Programs?

See ENVD's recommended program list here

Want even more options? Here's a list of programs that might offer some ENVD credit (but maybe not a full semester's worth): Programs with ENVD electives and other approvals

Not planning to get ENVD credit abroad? Sometimes students have a minor or certificate that they want to focus on instead. Use our Program search to explore all available Ed Abroad programs. 

Additional Resources

Last Updated March 2023