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Academic Advisor or Ed Abroad?

As you plan for studying abroad, your Academic Advisor and Education Abroad advisors will both help you along the way. Here is a general overview of when to work with your Academic Advisor versus Education Abroad:

Your Academic Advisor can help you...

  • Help you plan out how education abroad can fit into your degree
  • Provide guidance on what kinds of degree requirements are best to complete abroad v. what needs to be taken at CU
  • Facilitate the evaluation of your submitted major/minor/certificate forms
  • Figure out how courses taken abroad will count for your degree requirements
  • Map out the classes to take when you get back to complete your degree

Education Abroad can help you...

  • Give advice on which programs may be best suited to your academic needs
  • Understand the academic details of your program including academic systems, credit conversions, and upper/ lower division credits
  • Navigate your program’s class search and find courses you wish to enroll in for the term you’ll be abroad
  • Figure out how to register for your classes abroad
  • Access and complete EA course planning forms