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Tips on Completing Course Evaluation Forms

Course evaluation forms are completed online and can be accessed here: 

It's important to know:
  • Research the classes that you're submitting for evaluation ahead of time - you can't save your changes and start again later, so make sure you are ready!
  • For both forms, you'll need to include syllabi or course descriptions for any new classes that you want evaluated.
    • When a course description/syllabus is not in English you must provide an English translation. Do not use an online translation service for this; translate it yourself, to the best of your ability
    • For MAPS evaluations you must supply a full syllabus
  • Use your program's webpage to determine credit amounts and upper- v. lower-divsion designations, which are required fields in the form.
    • For A&S Core/MAPS, a course must be worth at least 2.7 credits at CU in order to fulfill that requirement. Courses less than 2.7 credits will not fulfill A&S Core or MAPS, even if the content was approved to fulfill an A&S Core/MAPS area. Note that this requirement does not apply to Gen Ed courses, but you should still inform yourself about course credit amounts to know how much progress you are making towards your Gen Ed areas.
  • Major/Minor/Certificate evaluations should be sent to the appropriate academic advisor. A&S Core/Gen Ed evaluations are coordinated through Ed Abroad. 

Check your degree audit and talk to your academic advisor. Your academic advisor can best assist you in determining what degree requirements to fulfill abroad (and which requirements you should save for when you're in Boulder).


Nope. It's a great start but keep in mind that course information can change. It is important that you verify that:

  • You are looking at the correct program on the list. If you are seeking information about a summer program be sure that you are looking at the summer program and not the semester version (look for "SUM" in the title).
  • The course(s) will be offered when you are abroad as course offerings can change each term. Your program's webpage includes a link to course descriptions.
  • The course number and course title match exactly what is listed in the approvals list.  If not, submit the course for review..

Course evaluation forms will appear as items in your MyCUAbroad application checklist if/when you're accepted into your program. For many students, it's okay to wait until then to start submitting forms. If you have specific course needs for when you go abroad, though, we encourage you to submit these sooner, potentially even before starting a program application.


It can take up to 6 weeks for evaluations to be processed and completed, so start early if you can!

  • Use the A&S Core/Gen Ed/MAPS Evaluation Form if:
    • You need to have new evaluations completed for MAPS requirements
    • You are considering taking a class that looks like it might not be eligible for CU credit
    • For A&S and Business majors, use this form to have courses evaluated for A&S Core/Gen Ed requirements (CMCI students should use the Major/Minor/Certificate Evaluation Form for all coursework, including CMCI Core)
  • Use the Major/Minor/Certificate Evaluation Form if:
    • You need to have new evaluations completed for your major, minor, or certificate requirements (this includes CMCI Core)
    • Once accepted to a program, use this form for both classes already-approved for your major/minor/certificate requirements as well as any new evaluations you'd like. Do not include any A&S Core/Gen Ed classes on this form as your academic department cannot evaluate courses for this kind of credit.



First, verify that courses on the Course Approvals List will be offered when you are abroad and the course number and course title match exactly with what on the Approvals List. Once you've confirmed this, you do not need to submit any already-approved classes for A&S Core/Gen Ed. You should still include approved classes in Section 1 of your Major/Minor/Certificate Evaluation Form as a way of notifying your academic advisor about your plans to complete your degree requirements.


Sure thing. Wait until the results are back from the first one but if you didn't get the approvals you need you can always submit the form again with new courses to be evaluated.


When possible, get twice as many courses approved as you plan to take abroad. This will give you back-up options in case courses are cancelled, you have scheduling conflicts when registering, etc. Allow yourself as much flexibility with the degree requirements you’re trying to fulfill abroad as possible.


When courses are evaluated for A&S Core/Gen Ed, they are considered for all areas. If a course has been approved for one or more specific areas already, it is not eligible for any other areas.


Verify the department that the course is being assigned to, keeping in mind that you may not fulfill both the Natural Science sequence and the Natural Science non-sequence requirements within the same department, unless the non-sequence is upper-division.


After your form is finalized with decisions entered, it will be routed back to Education Abroad, and uploaded for you to view. If your courses were denied, you can submit another form with additional courses.