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Sweden by Yuen Yung Lee
Throughout the application process you are required to sign a number of documents related to your participation in an education abroad program. These contracts address liability, financial responsibility, and code of conduct obligations. Samples are provided below. This list is not exhaustive; most programs will require additional contracts from the education abroad organization or host university as well. 

Pre-Acceptance Sample Contracts: Post-Acceptance Sample Contracts:
  • Financial Contract (This contract confirms students' participation in the program. Once signed, students are typically charged a $700 deposit, though deposit amounts can vary by program – see specific payment schedules on the Program Cost pages for more details. The contract also activates the withdrawal fees and deadlines policy if a student decides to withdraw from the program at a later point.)
  • Photo/Video Waiver
Last Updated May 2023
Photo, Sweden by Yeun Yung Lee