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Spain by Rachel Pice
Spending a term away from campus is an incredible opportunity and one that will allow you to have new experiences and get to know different people, cultures, and communities. It's important to keep in mind how your behavior and conduct during your program can contribute positively or negatively to your new community, your program and/or host university, and your environment. As a visitor, you are not only representing yourself but also your home community, and your home country. As an Education Abroad student, you are also representing CU Boulder and are responsible for ensuring that your behavior and conduct while abroad meet those standards that are expected of you while a part of the CU community. 

Here's a reminder of some of the policy and conduct requirements that you're still subject to following, even while away from campus:
  • All applicable policies and guidelines set by your program and/or host university
  • All applicable laws and policies of your host community and host country
  • Remaining eligible for Education Abroad
  • The Honor Code
  • Student Conduct Policies and Procedures - note that violations of the Student Code of Conduct during your program may be referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution and adjudicated once the student returns to CU
  • The conditions outlined in your Terms and Agreements and the Personal Conduct Agreement in your Participant Contract
  • Academic Conduct: You must abide by the academic guidelines & policies of Education Abroad, your program, and/or your host university 
  • Social Conduct: You must abide by the standards of acceptable behavior and conduct in your host community and host country. Behavior that violates those standards could harm the university's and/or program provider's relationship with your host country and institution(s) as well as your own health and personal safety.
  • Alcohol and Drugs: While studying or interning abroad, participants are expected to adhere to alcohol and drug policies of the host university and/or program provider, in addition to the laws of the host country. Failure to abide by the conditions or spirit of this agreement may result in dismissal from the program and/or other penalties as outlined above in the CU Boulder Education Abroad. Review the Drug & Alcohol webpage for additional considerations and information.

Additional Information

Participants on University of Colorado Boulder Education Abroad programs are responsible for their personal behavior during all components of their program, including free time. CU Boulder and the host institutions and third-party program providers with whom it affiliates are responsible for maintaining appropriate standards of conduct during the program.
Standards of conduct, social behavior, and the social norms of your host culture are defined and explained in your pre-departure resources. Students are responsible for knowing this information, and familiarizing themselves with these standards of conduct. It is particularly important for students to understand that social behaviors tolerated in your local community may be offensive in the host culture or university setting.

Disciplinary Action and Separation from an Education Abroad Program

In the case of violations of standards, CU Boulder and the host institution or program provider each may take disciplinary action. The process will include the following steps:
  • Written notice of the alleged conduct and the standards alleged to have been violated.
  • A conference between the student and the resident director or other on-site program personnel that provides the student with the opportunity to accept responsibility or dispute the allegations.
  • In cases where the student is found responsible for violating a standard, the resident director or delegate will establish a plan to avoid future infractions. This may take the form of a contract outlining acceptable conduct for the rest of the education abroad program, required counseling or other medical intervention, or other activity to correct the behavior that led to the infraction.
  • Notification of CU Boulder Education Abroad by the on-site staff of the violation and the resulting plan.
  • CU Boulder, the host institution, or the program provider may, at their individual discretion, deem an offense sufficiently serious to require that a student be dismissed from the program. If the resident director or on-site program representative decides that an offense is so serious that the student should be separated from the program, they shall dismiss the student and inform CU Boulder Education Abroad. In these cases, the Director of Education Abroad shall notify the student‘s emergency contact in accordance with CU Boulder Parent/Guardian Notification Guidelines.
  • If a student is dismissed, unspent program fees will be refunded according to the posted withdrawal fees and deadlines policy. Neither CU Boulder, the host institution, nor the program provider are under any obligation to assume any cost of separation from the program. No academic credit shall be awarded unless a course has been completed and a final assessment has been made before the date of separation.
  • Education Abroad will, in accordance with the University of Colorado Boulder Student Conduct Policy and Procedures, report violations to the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution for further action after the student returns to the Boulder campus.
NOTE: Evidence of a student's failure to comply with local laws will make the student subject to immediate dismissal from the program in accordance with the above procedure. Separation from an education abroad program is not tantamount to expulsion from the University of Colorado.
Last Updated January 2023
Photo, Spain by Rachel Pice