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Pre-Departure Orientation Part 1: Start Packing (virtual) 

Hosted on Zoom, your Pre-Departure Orientation Part 1: Start Packing will consist of a 30 minute presentation followed by a 30 minute Q&A. Students are required to attend, and families, guardians, and friends are welcome to attend as well. Registration is required so that you can be sent the appropriate Zoom link. For Spring 2025 students, Part 1 will take place in November, the exact date has not been determined. We will send out a video recording after Part 1.
Part 1 will provide an overview of general study abroad information relevant to all CU students participating on a summer, semester, or all-year Education Abroad program.
Register for Part 1

Pre-Departure Orientation Part 2: Now Boarding (in-person) 

An Education Abroad program manager will host an in-person Pre-Departure Orientation Part 2: Now Boarding. Part 2 will share location-specific information and allow you to meet other students traveling on your program, or to your same host city or country. Attendance is required. Part 2 will take place in November for Spring 2025 students, exact dates have not been determined.
Reach out to your Ed Abroad Program Manager with questions regarding orientation Parts 1 or 2. Connect with your Ed Abroad Program Manager if you have a scheduling conflict and are unable to attend Part 2. 
Schedule for Part 2 

Program Provider Orientations 

Many program providers host their own pre-departure orientations, and these are typically required. Reach out to your provider for more information on their pre-departure orientation.   

On-Site Orientation

Many programs have on-site orientations, and these are typically required. The on-site orientation will provide you with an overview of the on-site experience as well as an opportunity to meet other students on your program, learn about your host city and provide academic, health, and safety information. Your program provider or host university will provide you with information for attending your on-site orientation. 

Your Pre-Departure Resources 

Congratulations on your acceptance to an Education Abroad program - you're in the right spot!

This Accepted Student Guide is one of the many places where you will find helpful information as you prepare for your Education Abroad program. Review the information provided on the pages of this guide and, as always, reach out to your Ed Abroad Program Manager with any questions, concerns or for additional information. 

For additional program-specific information (and tasks to complete) check out the following: 
  • Your MyCUAbroad Account: Since your acceptance, more items have been added to your checklist. Some are informational; some require your action. Certain items are urgent (and will be indicated by earlier due dates), so check your application right away and continue to check regularly. Upon acceptance, you will also find program-specific academic details in your MyCUAbroad checklist, including grading conversions, information on the academic system and culture of your host country, specific course considerations, registration timelines, and more.
  • Your CU Boulder email: Keep an eye on your inbox for emails from Ed Abroad and your program and/or host university. If you have another email address you used for your program and/or host university application, remember to check both inboxes regularly. 
  • Your program portal / account: Some programs and host universities have program portals (such as your CIEE My Account, ISA Student Portal, etc.). You may have used their portal to complete your application or this may be shared with you after acceptance into the program. Check with your Ed Abroad Program Manager if you're unsure of what additional resources you have access to (and where pre-departure tasks will be completed).  

Where to Direct Questions:

You may have questions that are not addressed in the Accepted Student Guide and the other program-specific information and resources outlined above. In this case, the people best suited to answer your question may depend on the specific question or topic.
  • Questions on visas, accommodations/housing, course registration: your program provider and/or host university
  • Questions on billing, CU course planning and course evaluations/approvals: your Ed Abroad Program Manager
If your question doesn't fall within any of these categories, reach out to your Ed Abroad Program Manager.

Next Steps for Getting Abroad

Each program, and often each student, has a slightly different set of steps and tasks that must be completed before you're able to successfully study abroad. Review the Timeline: From Acceptance to On-Site and your program-specific pre-departure resources for specific information. 

Last Updated May 2024