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Portugal by Hannah Farrar
We encourage you to discuss your health and medical needs with your Ed Abroad Program Manager and program/host university staff, in addition to discussing your education abroad plans with your doctor and medical team. Typically, you will be given the opportunity to do this by completing a health and medical disclosure form either through your program or with CU Boulder Education Abroad. Knowing your medical and disability needs in advance can better enable a healthy, safe, and successful experience. This information will be treated confidentially and shared only with select staff on a need-to-know basis. Consider reporting the following:
  • Temporary medical conditions (broken bones, recovering from surgery, etc.)
  • Mental health information
  • Medications you are currently taking and/or you will take while abroad
  • Disabilities and academic/housing-related accommodations
  • Allergies and/or dietary restrictions
  • Need to see health professional while abroad
Disclosing your health conditions is optional but encouraged as this ensures on-site staff will be prepared to assist you should you need it.


We encourage you to share any specific medical services or accommodations you need while on your program with your Ed Abroad Program Manager and program and/or host university. This includes medical conditions, disabilities, injuries, illnesses, and academic accommodations. Sharing your required medical services and accommodations in advance of your program will help Education Abroad and your program best support you and make any arrangements necessary for your success. 

If you have accommodations through the Office of Disability Services on campus, you'll want to get a letter from them covering your requested accommodations while abroad. You can access your accommodation letter within the Disability Services' Accommodate portal. If you need any assistance requesting these forms, you can reach out to your Access Coordinator within Disability Services.

Not all accommodations are guaranteed, but we do our best to make sure you have the resources and tools you need for a successful experience abroad. Late or non-disclosure may hinder our ability to assist you.
Last Updated January 2023
Photo, Portugal by Hannah Farrah