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Italy by Mishaal Jan

Education Abroad's Travel Accident and Sickness Insurance

Every CU participant going abroad is automatically enrolled in Education Abroad's Travel Accident and Sickness insurance, which is a limited accident and health insurance policy. This insurance is mandatory for all participants and varies based on the type of program you go on. Most students are also covered under another insurance policy through their on-site provider (SAS, ISA, SIT, CIEE, etc.), host country, or host university. That insurance usually applies first in case of incidents and the Education Abroad insurance serves as a secondary policy.
Key Education Abroad insurance features:
  • The cost of insurance is included in the program fee.
  • Students will be covered for the duration of their program. 
  • The policy covers evacuation and repatriation in case of medical and non-medical emergencies.
  • The policy provides in-person and remote mental health support. 
  • The Education Abroad insurance is managed by a third-party administrator that processes claims for the insurance company.

To use Education Abroad's health insurance, after consulting with on-site staff, call International SOS: +1-215-942-8478 (collect calls accepted worldwide) – when calling, reference member ID 11BCAS000006.


International SOS Medical & Travel Assistance Insurance Policy 

* This policy does not apply to students participating in CU in D.C. programs. For more info on the policy for domestic programs, please reference the CU in D.C.: Health & Safety piece in your MyCUAbroad checklist.

Keeping Your Current Health Insurance Coverage 

We recommend you maintain Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance at all times, even during your time out of the country or state, and even while enrolled in Education Abroad's Travel Accident and Sickness Insurance. You should contact your insurance provider with any questions about your specific policy. Education Abroad does not sell insurance or in any way guarantee payment of benefits. Do not make any assumptions about your coverage and maintain coverage at all times before, during, and after your program.
The CU Student Gold Health Insurance Plan (offered through CU’s Medical Services), unlike many parental policies, will cover illness and/or accidents outside the U.S. at an in-network coverage level. Additionally, the Student Gold Plan has evacuation and repatriation benefits, not typical on parent plans.
If you choose to continue your Gold CU Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP), you must speak with the Health & Wellness Student Insurance Department to complete a manual enrollment. Students enrolled in Education Abroad are not automatically enrolled in SHIP, nor does SHIP carry over to a student’s spring account when on education abroad for the spring term. The Student Insurance Department is located in CU Medical Services. For more information about enrolling in SHIP, see CU's Health Insurance page

Additional Information

In the event you sought medical treatment abroad for a minor accident or sickness and paid out of pocket for that treatment, please follow the instructions below to seek reimbursement for your claim:

  • Complete your Claim Form
  • Save copies of all itemized doctors’ bills and be sure to include proof of payment (receipts)
  • Scan and email everything to

If you need to leave the program early, you may qualify to use the trip interruption benefit in CU Education Abroad Health Insurance policy.  At the same time, departing a program early can impact the remainder of your insurance coverage.
Your Education Abroad health insurance coverage will generally end once you return to your home country. Upon return to your home country, a 30-day extension of coverage is available but only applies for follow-up care related to an insurance claim filed while abroad. If you withdraw and return home, but did not maintain your primary health insurance coverage, we recommend that you secure alternate health insurance immediately.  If you withdraw and remain abroad, we recommend you visit Insure My Trip to research possible coverage for the remainder of your stay. If you are considering departing your program early, see our Withdrawing from Your Program page for further considerations.

Injuries resulting for certain activities deemed "extreme" or "hazardous" are excluded from this policy. Examples of hazardous activities include, but are not limited to, surfing, and scuba diving. Refer to the full policy linked above for a full list of hazardous activities as well as other exclusions and limitations of the policy.

While not health insurance, you may also want to consider purchasing Cancel For Any Reason Insurance (CFAR/IFAR). CFAR insurance can help safeguard an investment in an education abroad experience in the event that the program is suspended or you unexpectedly need to withdraw – either before departing or while abroad

Last Updated January 2024
Photo, Italy by Mishaal Jan