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Global Seminars - Summer 2021 FAQs

CU Boulder assesses all Education Abroad programs, including Global Seminar programs, by reviewing both country and program-level COVID-19 information. For further information related to our assessment criteria and process, review the COVID-19 Information on Education Abroad webpage.  

In making decisions related to Global Seminar programs, Education Abroad considers program enrollment and financial commitments to on-site partners in addition to the criteria mentioned above. The decisions Education Abroad makes regarding a specific Global Seminar program may differ from that of other Education Abroad programs (such as study center programs in the same location) due to these additional considerations.  

Students will receive more information from their Ed Abroad Program Manager regarding when decisions are made regarding their intended program. Please note that Education Abroad will continue to assess all active programs after the go-ahead date and reserves the right to suspend any program as deemed necessary.  

Education Abroad remains optimistic that many programs will run as planned for Summer 2021. Your Education Abroad program manager will email you should Education Abroad determine that your on-site program can continue as planned.  
Students should review the COVID-19 Information on Education Abroad webpage for further information related to studying abroad during COVID-19, including setting expectations, purchasing airfareand more.  

Education Abroad understands that personal tolerance for risk may vary, and that final decisions will be made between a student and their family. Until a student receives word from Education Abroad that their on-site program is moving ahead as planned, students will not owe (or be charged) any part of their program deposit or program fee. After the notification has been sent, students will be covered by a Cancel for Any Reason insurance policy, and will receive more details at that time.

Should Education Abroad suspend the on-site program, students will not owe their program fee or deposit (and the deposit will be refunded if it has already been charged). If a virtual program option is offered in lieu of the on-site program, students will have the opportunity to apply their program deposit to the virtual program option if the on-site program is suspended. Should a student choose not to pursue the virtual program option, they will be refunded the program deposit if applicable.  

Review the COVID-19 Information on Education Abroad webpage for further information on studying abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic.