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Coastline of Cape Town with rocks and the city in the distance

About Us

Established in 1960, Education Abroad administers hundreds of CU Boulder-sponsored programs in more than 60 countries around the world. Approximately 1,300 CU Boulder students go abroad on CU Boulder programs annually. They receive in-residence credit and the credit may be applied to major and college requirements with prior advisor approval. Financial aid and scholarships are available.

CU Boulder Education Abroad Statistics


Education Abroad envisions a future in which education abroad is accessible to all students and is universally recognized as fundamental to the CU Boulder student experience.


Education Abroad provides CU Boulder students access to an extensive portfolio of high impact programs abroad to promote academic, personal, and professional growth in a safe environment. Education Abroad inspires students to become global leaders in a culturally diverse world.


  • Continue helping students to go abroad, and to stay on track with their degrees
  • Increase access to education abroad opportunities to all traditionally underrepresented students, and for students in all majors
  • Engage students early in their academic careers with first-year programs abroad
  • Continue contributing to campus retention goals
  • Support academic units, faculty, and staff as they contribute to CU Boulder’s global initiatives
  • Continue to work closely with the faculty advisory Education Abroad Committee to ensure that all programs are academically rigorous and culturally relevant
  • Increase the visibility of international education opportunities including study abroad programs, international service-learning, internships, and research
  • Provide expertise, infrastructure, and adherence to all of the Forum on Education Abroad Standards, including the standard for Health, Safety, Security, and Risk Management, recognized by the U.S. federal government as the Standards Development Organization for Education Abroad

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