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A&S Gen Ed/MAPS Evaluation Form

The link below will open an online form, which contains instructions and will walk you through the steps.  It is your responsibility to complete the form thoroughly.  If you don't complete this process correctly (or don't complete it at all), your graduation might be delayed.  Note the following:
  • First, check the Course Approvals List to see if the course(s) you want evaluated have already been approved for an A&S General Education requirement. If it is, do not submit this form. When courses are evaluated for A&S Gen Ed or A&S Core, they are considered for all areas. If a course has been approved for one or more specific areas already, it is not eligible for any other areas.
  • Review the descriptions of A&S's General Education & Core Requirements to gain a better understanding of the course content needed in order for a course to be approved for a specific Gen Ed area.
  • Use the Academics tab of your program's webpage to determine credit conversions and access course descriptions/syllabi. You will need this information to complete the form.
  • You can't save your changes and start again later, so ensure that you have all the info before you begin.  
  • Once you complete the form it will be routed to the Course Coordinator in Education Abroad who will then check it off your list, and forward to A&S. Once the form is finalized with decisions entered, it will be routed back to Education Abroad and uploaded for you to view.  Depending on your course needs, this process can take 6-8 weeks.
Access the A&S Gen Ed/MAPS Evaluation Form
Last Updated February 2021