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Catherine Kunce

Senior Instructor, Program for Writing and Rhetoric
Global Seminar: Composing Irish Odysseys (Dublin, Ireland)

River Liffey by UC-Dublin

What is your international experience? Did you study abroad as a student?

As an undergraduate student, I never had the opportunity to study abroad, and it always left me feeling that I had been left out of something very important. After finally traveling overseas as a graduate student, I realized fully how correct my intuition was—I really had missed out on something very valuable to my education.

Why should students go abroad?

Students should go abroad because it enriches our lives, expands our minds, and opens our hearts. Through studying abroad, we yoke the most enticing aspects of education to the most exhilarating aspects of adventure. Best of all, we get to share our interests and experiences with a like-minded community of explorers seeking to become global citizens.

What is your favorite Irish food?

I love Irish stew. Each pot of stew is different. The cook uses what is fresh and what is available—what a great idea!

What aspect of this program do you look forward to the most?

I will be so excited to see how students design and create their own Irish odysseys based on their interests and/or major fields. I will be delighted to watch students invent new methods of cooperative endeavor and to see how they connect classroom readings and activities to daily field trips.