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The Global Buffs Gazette: Fall 2016

Editors: Michal Greenberg and Bryce Patterson

Mountain Climbing near Te Anau, New Zealand by Susan Morrell

Pushing Boundaries through International Education by Mary Dando

Study abroad begins and ends with students pushing boundaries—be they physical, cultural, or academic. Both leaving and returning are processes of growth, as CU students explore another society with different ideas and priorities, often a different language; then bring their new perspectives back..... Read more

Temple in Indonesia

Study Abroad is becoming Education Abroad! by Michal Greenberg

The CU Boulder Study Abroad office has supported students studying abroad for over 50 years. With a mission to foster students’ personal development and prepare them to successfully engage in a globally interdependent and culturally diverse world, Study Abroad has sent over 30,000 students abroad since it was founded in 1960..... Read more

A Coffee in Bordeaux, France by Hillary Jensen

Traveling with Confidence in Hard Times by Bryce Patterson

The 2015/2016 academic year was a challenging time for international education. We’ve had multiple sobering reminders that we live in a period of tremendous upheaval around the world, most notably in the terrorist attacks in Paris this past November..... Read more

Sunset in Northern Tanzania by Alicia Davis

Global Seminar Spotlight: Conservation & Indigenous Peoples in Arusha, Tanzania by Bryce Patterson

One of our key goals in international education is to support students in developing long-term connections with host cultures, continuing to build bridges years after the program has ended. For CU students Conner Knickel and Alex Dudley, a summer spent in Tanzania on our Conservation & Indigenous Peoples Global Seminar would be the jumping off point for near-continuous involvement..... Read more

Valparaiso, Chile by Kristina Lu

Breaking out of Your Comfort Zone through Study Abroadby Meg O'Connell

As a junior at CU Boulder, I have the amazing opportunity to study abroad. I took extra classes my first two years so I could study abroad for the entire year. I wanted to work on my Spanish, but I also wanted to push myself to be uncomfortable..... Read more

'Sitting on the dock of hte bay' in Chile by Keenan Fitzpatrick

Record number of students receive Gilman awards by Michal Greenberg and Steve Rose

A record nine CU Boulder students have been awarded Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships to study abroad during the fall 2016 semester or the 2016-17 academic year. The students represent the largest CU Boulder cohort to receive the Gilman at one time and puts CU Boulder in the top 10 nationally among other colleges and universities...... Read more

D.R. by Jenna Capnerhurst

New partnership exposes a world of 'firsts' for Britney Wilson

While on a Study Abroad trip to the Dominican Republic last spring, sophomore Britney Wilson experienced a number of life-changing “firsts.” It was Wilson’s first time out of the country, her first visit to a beach, the first time she was in a location where she didn’t speak the language..... Read more

Australia by Rose Zilber

Global Buffs Updates by Karstee Davis

See what your fellow Global Buffs have been up to..... Read more

Irish church across the water

Office Updates

Learn more about CU Boulder Education Abroad staff updates, including new programs, new staff, recent events, and more.…. Read more

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