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Diversity & Identity Abroad

Umbrellas an Flags 2019 Laura Vogel Israel, Tel Aviv

Diversity & Identity Abroad  

The Education Abroad Office is committed to celebrate and support the many identities of our students with access to high impact education abroad opportunities that enrich and expand their undergraduate education. It is vital to our mission to increase access to students are traditionally underrepresented in study abroad and support students from diverse backgrounds and identities. 

Explore the resources provided below. These resources will help you as you consider and prepare for your study abroad program, regardless of background or identity. Education Abroad recognizes that these resources do not exemplify every identify, if you have questions or would like further information related to an aspect of your identity that is not included below, please reach out to our Access & Inclusion Coordinator

Diversity Abroad: Provides climate notes on specific countries. Also has an extensive archive of student stories and scholarships. Diversity Abroad: Provides climate notes on specific countries. Also has an extensive archive of student stories and scholarships. 


Learn about study abroad as someone who may not have entered CU immediately after high school, who works full time while enrolled at CU, or has dependents.


race ethnicity


Learn about opportunities for DACA students to have an experience that promotes academic, professional, and personal growth while at CU Boulder.


Gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation can be cultural. It is important to consider the local customs, rules, and regulations in your host country and how these may affect your social interactions while abroad.


Learn about how you can be a student athlete and a Global Buff. This will take careful planning and additional considerations but is possible.


Religious identity


If you are interested in further country or regionally specific information, explore the Diversity Abroad's Country Guides and CIEE City Specific Resources for diversity & inclusion climate notes on many of the countries where we have programs.

Do your parents/ families have concerns about you studying abroad? Have them contact our office to speak to a Program Manager, they can provider further information, dispel concerns, and help them to navigate this process with you. 

Education Abroad places a high priority on serving a diverse student body. We welcome applications from members of various groups which have traditionally been under-represented in education abroad, including first generation college students, LGBTQ+ students, student athletes, students with disabilities, students of color, and older students who have followed non-traditional paths to higher education.