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GO Scholars

GO Scholars

The Global Opportunity (GO) Scholar Program works with students from diverse backgrounds with financial need and encourages them to go abroad by reducing financial barriers and providing support through a designated coordinator and a student cohort. 

GO Scholars receive a one-time scholarship in the amount of $5,000 (semester) or $3,000 (summer) to help cover the cost of a CU Boulder-approved education abroad program offered by the Office of International Education.  GO Scholars have four years to use the scholarship.  GO Scholars may be eligible for additional education abroad funding opportunities. This is a partnership between the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement (ODECE) and the Office of International Education.


  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. 
  • Must be a First-Year student at CU Boulder 
  • Must demonstrate unmet financial need
  • Must participate in a LEAD academic community
  • Must be in good academic standing* with their respective colleges after fall semester
*Please see academic standards within your college's policies and requirements for the definition of good academic standing

Scholarship Components

  • Scholarship funds: GO scholars will receive a $5,000 planning scholarship for a semester abroad or a $3,000 planning scholarship for a summer education abroad program
  • Coaching: Scholars will receive individualized mentoring and support from scholar coordinator and other education abroad staff
  • Scholar retreat: Retreat will equip students with all of the information necessary to navigate the education abroad process
  • Fall reception: Students will gather every fall to welcome new cohort of GO Scholars and congratulate graduating seniors 
  • Scholar follow-on project: Students will be able to share their experience abroad and serve as ambassadors to the greater CU community

How to Apply

  • Deadline to apply is December 1st 2017
  • GO Scholar awards will be announced by January 10th 2018

Apply Now

Scholar Coordinator

The GO Scholar Coordinator is available for education abroad advising and mentoring.  GO Scholars are required to meet with the Coordinator each semester to plan the education abroad experience that best meets individual academic, personal, and professional goals. Scholars must coordinate the disbursement of their scholarship with the Coordinator.

Additional Funding for Scholars

  • CIEE Scholarship for GO Scholars: Scholars who go abroad on a CU-approved CIEE education abroad program will receive a travel grant to cover their airfare.  The amount of the grant depends on the cost of the airfare for the given location, but is not to exceed $2,000  for a semester or $1,000  for a summer.  If the cost of the airfare exceeds this amount, the student will need to pay the difference.
  • ISA Scholarship for GO Scholars: Scholars who go abroad on a CU-approved ISA education abroad program will receive a $2,000 scholarship for a semester or a $1,000 scholarship for a summer to apply towards the cost of their program.
  • SIT Scholarship for GO Scholars: Scholars who go abroad on a CU-approved SIT education abroad program will receive a scholarship between $1,000-$3,000 for a semester or a summer to apply towards the cost of their program.  Also, all CU Boulder students who receive a Federal Pell grant as part of their Federal financial aid package are eligible to receive a scholarship from SIT that matches the amount of their Pell Grant for that semester.  This matching scholarship from SIT may be applied to CU-approved semester-long SIT programs.
  • GO Scholars who receive funding from a campus unit such as Cultural Unity & Engagement Center (CUE), the Student Academic Success Center (McNeill, TRiOSSS, WAMS, etc.), the CU-LEAD Alliance, etc. may be able to use that scholarship/grant on a semester education abroad program. Check directly with the program.
  • Since all GO Scholars will need to fill out a Buffs Abroad Scholarship application through CU Boulder Education Abroad, they will also be considered for any other CU Boulder Education Abroad funding that may be available in addition to funds listed above.
  • GO Scholars applying to a program other than those listed above are also encouraged to apply for additional scholarships offered by their program (see program website for information). 
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