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Staff : Laurel Eisler

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Laurel Eisler



Your first step is to complete Abroad 101 online or in person.

We offer drop-in Global and Regional advising throughout the academic year; Global advising is offered during the summer. You can also connect with an advisor via phone, email or live chat.

Education Abroad Program Manager

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Laurel is a program manager and advisor whose focus is in Spain and Latin America. Before graduating with a degree in Spanish and Business Administration, she spent a summer studying in Costa Rica and a year in Spain. Laurel's travels have also taken her to Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, and Italy. Her travel 'bucket list?' She plans to hit every country in Latin America!

Laurel manages the following programs:

  • ISA Latin America
  • CIEE Latin America
  • IES Latin America
  • USAC (Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Spain and Uruguay)
  • ISA Barcelona (International Studies, Business & Culture)
  • Global Seminar: The Medellín Practicum/Studio (Medellín, Colombia)
  • Global Seminar: The Athlete as a National Symbol (alternating locations; Peru, Greece, Argentina, Chile)
  • Global Seminar: Ecology & Evolution in the Galápagos Islands (Ecuador)
  • Global Seminar: Gender, Race & Tourism in Contemporary Cuba (Havana, Cuba)
  • Global Seminar: Sustainable Potable Water Supply Systems (Santiago, Chile)

Laurel also serves as the Global Seminar Advertising Coordinator, Alumni Relations Coordinator, and International Travel Registration Manager.