WEB: Administrative fee explanation

CU Boulder Education Abroad Administrative Fee

The CU Boulder Education Abroad Administrative fee is charged to fund the operations of the CU Education Abroad Programs Office.  The CU Education Abroad Programs office receives almost no money from the central campus administration (i.e. money from students' tuition and fees).  Less than 8% of the CU Education Abroad Office expenses are paid by the central campus administration (i.e. from tuition & fees).  The administrative fee is essential to fund the CU Education Abroad Programs office, and a portion of the fee is placed into the CU Boulder Education Abroad scholarship fund. Most education abroad offices at public universities charge similar fees to their students.


· All students studying abroad on CU Boulder approved education abroad programs are charged a $500 administrative fee.


· Non-residents are charged an additional $1100 administrative fee.  Non-residents are charged more because Colorado law requires that non-resident students be charged a higher rate of tuition for credit earned in residency.  While non-residents are not paying for CU tuition during education abroad, they are receiving CU Boulder in-residence credit for approved CU education abroad programs, so this law also applies to education abroad. 


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