Call International SOS
Before leaving the U.S., you may contact International SOS for health, safety and security advice. Not sure what to ask? See below for suggestions!
  • Medical
    • Do I need a vaccination before traveling to these countries? Is there anything additional if I’ll also be traveling to remote areas?
    • I’m taking medication for ADHD (or another condition).  What happens if I run out? How should I plan?
    • I have a pre-existing condition – How can I manage this while I’m abroad?
    • Can you recommend a good English speaking general practitioner and/or specialist I can go to if I get sick when I’m studying abroad?
    • Is the medication I need accessible in the countries I am traveling to?
    • Will the countries' customs allow me to bring in the quantity and type of medication I need for my entire stay?
    • How can I get access to mental health support while abroad?
  • Safety and travel
    • Is it safe to for me to walk around the area I’m traveling to at night?
    • I saw something on the news about this area I’m traveling to – can you provide more information and should I be concerned about the security situation?
    • I have checked the International SOS app and see there are warnings or alerts I need to know about where I will be studying or doing side travel, can I get more information about safe hotels and safe routes to take?
    • What are some tips to avoid common scams and petty theft?
    • I am LGBTQ/a student of color/religious, can you provide advice for my time abroad?
Last Updated February 2020