G.I. Bill and Education Abroad (updated but not currently in use)

Using G.I. Bill Benefits for Education Abroad

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Starting Fall 2020, the VA is changing its policy on how GI Bill benefits can be used for an education abroad program. If you are thinking of using your benefits to help pay for your program please connect with the CU Boulder VMA office and with Sarah Westmoreland in the Education Abroad office to get more details on how this might work. 

According to the new policy, study abroad will be allowed under these scenarios:

1. If courses are CU Boulder Instructor-led (must be a CU Boulder Global Seminar, Global Intensive or Global Internship) or,
2. If students attend using a Parent/Guest Letter (the abroad school must be approved by the VA in the Weams database), or
3. If students enroll as degree seeking at the abroad university (transfers to another VA approved school and then back to CU)

Contact Sarah Westmoreland at sarah.westmoreland@colorado.edu in the Education Abroad Office prior to pursuing option 2 or 3.

Please also note:
  • In order to use GI Bill benefits for a study abroad program in one of the three scenarios above, the courses you take must be required for your degree. If the courses are not needed in order to complete your degree, they will not be covered by the VA.
  • If you are going abroad under one of the three approved scenarios, the VA will pay the equivalent to what they would pay if you were taking the same number of credit hours on campus. Please talk to the CU Boulder VMA office to estimate what this amount will be and how your housing stipend could be affected.
Last Updated November 2019