3353 0 Entrepreneurship & Empowerment in South Africa Info Session Spend your summer gaining hands-on experience as a consultant! 05-OCT-2022 1532 3360 0 Amsterdam Global Seminar Info Session Grab a front-row seat to new product development in one of the most innovative countries in the world 05-OCT-2022 571 3352 0 Herbst Global Seminar Info Session Study in May with The Herbst Program for Engineering, Ethics & Society in Rome or Vienna 10-OCT-2022 1562 3357 0 Intern and study in France this summer Spend six weeks living in Aix-en-Provence, a vibrant, start-up and cultural hub 10-OCT-2022 739 3354 0 Study abroad in Armenia this summer! Explore Social Justice through Teaching English 11-OCT-2022 949 3364 0 Urban Geography, Society & Culture in Prague Info Session Earn 3 credits during Maymester 11-OCT-2022 873 3350 0 Anthropology Global Seminar Info Session Summer programs led by Anthropology faculty are running in Mexico, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Tanzania 12-OCT-2022 2195 3361 0 Global Seminar: International Strategic Communication in Paris ?Spend 4 weeks in Paris this summer! 12-OCT-2022 839 3363 0 Global Seminar: Underground Paris - Summer 2023 Info Session Discover Paris' forgotten history while exploring its physical underground of catacombs, jazz caves, and metro! 12-OCT-2022 638 3349 0 Summer 2023 ENVD Global Seminars Study abroad next summer with ENVD faculty in Italy or Colombia (or both)! 17-OCT-2022 1327 3351 0 Cinema Studies & Theatre Info Session Learn hands-on filmmaking in Edinburgh or explore Rome with a local expert! 19-OCT-2022 1392 3365 0 Global Seminar: London Finance Seminar & Internship Complete a part-time internship and a course on international financial markets 20-OCT-2022 757 3288 0 Connect with Ed Abroad Schedule a meeting with an EA advisor! 445 3289 0 What is your first step? Complete Abroad 101! http://abroad.colorado.edu/?go=GetStarted 0 3290 0 What CU courses are approved on which programs? Check out the Course Approvals List. http://abroad.colorado.edu/?go=CourseApprovals 0