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Chile by Connor Bryant
Chile by Connor Bryant

Sustainable Study Abroad Pledge

The Sustainable Study Abroad Pledge is an optional tool to help you keep sustainability at the forefront of your Education Abroad experience. By opting in, you are committing to the pledge below, and will receive three emails throughout the semester to help you fulfill the goal of the pledge. 

During my Education Abroad experience, I pledge to: 
Discover my host-country's traditions and environmental practices

Consider why your host culture has this perspective on environmentalist. Will they be impacted by climate change sooner? Are people's basic needs being met? Do they have economic resources to invest in environmental efforts? Check out this article from the Guardian to learn about how the Maori people of New Zealand are combatting climate change.

Respect local wildlife and spaces
Is your tourism creating a positive impact? How do you research travel companies or tours and seek out companies with sustainable practices. Check out this New York Times article for more.

Recognize my role in combatting climate change
Reflect on the impact you have on climate change as an individual, versus the impact of a corporation, government or other large entity. Consider your role and how to get involved in your local community. Read this Solar Tribune article for more information.

Champion my host-country's conservation efforts and encourage my peers to join me
Learn about local conservation efforts, and share your knew knowledge with your peers, including local recycling, composting and public transit. Read this Unicef article for more inspiration! 

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Last updated July 2023